Five stars

Seriously Amazing!

This women says everything you would want to say if you could talk to these monsters that inflict abuse and neglect on societies most innocent victims and God most beautiful gift. She combines great reporting with honest side commentary and a gift of storytelling that is not an easy craft for these type of heinous crimes that deserve the worst punishments possible. Child neglect and abuse is blatantly obvious in “most” situations. If you even have the slightest hint of suspicion SPEAK UP!! Don’t be afraid to be wrong be terrified to let a child walk back into the hell hole they are forced to call home! This is an important and compelling podcast. I don’t write reviews but this is a cause near and dear to my heart! Thank you for this brave podcast!
sarah’s streams, 06/27/2020

Five stars

Amazing detail and great sounding host!

Stumbled across this podcast as I am a true crime lover, and am particularly interested in family annihilator and child cases. I thought I have heard almost every noted story out there, but almost every case on here I have not heard of, and was very impressed by the detail and rhythm supplied by the host. She is calm, collected, yet not monotone. Please don’t stop, thank you for giving these angels a voice.
Bess-K3, 06/22/2020

Five stars

Thank you 🙏

I just started listening. I have put it off because cases regarding children make me ugly cry and I always listen at work. I’m at the end of Marion Montoya’s episode and I’m working my way back to the first episode. This podcast must be hard to do and I give the host very much respect for doing it and giving these children a voice. Thank you and keep up the good work. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.
Jackie lee wood, 05/29/2020

Five stars

A saddened thank you

I am saddened that I have to even write a post on a podcast devoted to the deaths of children. But sadly this is a reality. With that being said thank you for bringing light to these angels stories.
HCW0718, 06/07/2020

Five stars

Amazing Writing and Detail

Just discovered and love this podcast. The topic is difficult but these stories need told. The writing is incredibly detailed and extremely well written. The only very minor critique I have is the the intro song and music, I’m just not a fan. Otherwise love the show!
Saints Fan in Pittsburgh, 05/05/2020

Five stars

Incredible Factual Chilling

What an eye opener! Not only did these beings fail their children but DCF, the very organization in place to protect them, miserably and horribly failed them! Your work is a real eye opener and hopefully work such as this will be a major factor in much needed changes and restructuring the policies and procedures used by DCF. Thank you! I cannot wait for your next cast!
rainbowrocksnj, 02/25/2020

Four Stars

Really well done. Important chase. I just really don’t like theme song

I really like this podcast and know that it’s a hard subject but I do think it’s important or people to know the stories of these children. I really don’t like the intro music or lullabies that play through the show.
Staveyface, 06/18/2020