About Me

My name is Laine.

At the risk of sounding like a cliche, my kids are my life. I’m a single mom of a 16-year-old and a 12-year-old, and I am still somehow at least partially sane, which I count as a victory.

By day, I’ve worked in customer service for almost 18 years. I like to joke that dealing with the public has destroyed my faith in humanity (although, let’s be honest; is it really a joke?). During quarantine, I’ve been fortunate enough to devote myself full-time to the blog and to Suffer the Little Children Podcast.

Ever since reading the story of Diane Downs many years ago, I’ve been horrified by and fascinated with the cases of parents and caregivers causing harm to their children. Susan Smith. Neil Entwistle. Casey Anthony (I know, I know; she was acquitted; don’t get me started). Lacey Spears. Christian Longo. Dee Dee Blanchard. John List. Darlie Routier. This page could be endless if I continued this list. I just don’t understand how anyone could so egregiously spit in the face of our most basic human instinct: protecting our offspring.

I’ve chosen to blog about these cases because these children deserve their stories to be told and their faces to be remembered. I refuse to let them die in vain, choosing instead to publicize their stories in the hope that I may be able to help other children.