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I have some very important news to share, as well as an ***URGENT, time sensitive*** plea for help.

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On Monday, April 10, 2023, Susan Stevenson (AKA Susan Lee, Susan Kendzia, and Susan Cook) died while under in-home hospice care. Normally, autopsies are not performed on deaths like these. However, as many of you are aware after hearing the 7-part miniseries I produced on this story beginning in September 2022 (Groomed to Die: The Kendzia Children), Susan’s case is very different, and her family has every reason to believe she had a hand in her own death.

Susan left a trail of illness, abuse, and death in her wake. In 1986, she was charged with the murders of her two adopted infant sons, Michael and Kevin Kendzia, by repeatedly causing them to stop breathing. Due to lack of evidence, she was acquitted of Michael’s death, and the prosecutor dropped the charges in Kevin’s death. Susan’s daughter, Shain, endured 28 years of medical abuse at Susan’s hands, including years of chronic but unexplained illness, several unnecessary surgeries, medical procedures, medications, and more. Susan even led teenage Shain to believe for eight years that she was going to die from pancreatitis by the age of 23. Shain is now 42 and very much alive, with none of the medical problems that plagued her while under her mother’s thumb.

In addition, Susan abused her other daughter, as well as her two stepsons, one of whom ultimately died from drug use due to his inability to process the abuse he endured; she also perpetrated horrific acts against several children who attended her in-home special-needs daycare. Susan’s husband languished on in-home hospice care for several years, getting sick and miraculously getting better over and over, until he finally died in 2013. Finally, Susan’s third adopted child, who she never should have been allowed to adopt in the first place, was removed from Susan’s care in 2022 due to abuse.

The words “Munchausen syndrome by proxy” have followed Susan like a dark cloud for decades. A 7-part podcast series was produced in 2022-23 about Susan’s atrocities, which means her worst fear was realized: the world knew about her monstrous acts. She was under criminal investigation at the time of her death, and she undoubtedly felt the walls closing in on her. For this and many other reasons, Susan’s surviving victims do not believe her death was a natural one, nor caused by the cardiomyopathy or COPD she was supposedly diagnosed with.

Susan’s surviving children and all of the surviving victims of Susan’s sadistic abuse deserve to know if she caused her own death. Although she was under criminal investigation at the time of her death, the law enforcement agency investigating her will not pay for a tox screen or autopsy to be performed.

Please help us raise the funds to give Susan’s surviving victims closure by knowing exactly how and why she died.

***Finally, I must ask that you respect the family’s privacy at this time. Please do not reach out to any of Susan’s surviving family members, who are dealing with their own very complicated feelings about her death.***

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GoFundMe campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/f/wgwjne

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