Case Update: Arabella Parker’s Mother Convicted, Awaits Sentencing

Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker.

Samantha Delcamp will be sentenced within 90 days, according to the judge.

Trial coverage (external links):

(Fox 56) Trial for Samantha Delcamp begins Tuesday

(Penn Live Patriot-News) Jury seated for Pa. woman accused in abuse death of her 3-year-old daughter

(Yahoo! news via Daily Item) Jury seated, Delcamp trial set to begin at 9:15 a.m. today

(1070 WKOK) Delcamp’s Defense Lawyer: DA a ‘Politician Looking for Media Attention’

(Penn Live PatriotNews) DA says he intends to prove Pa. woman ‘facilitated’ death of her 3-year-old daughter

(WNEP 16) Mother on trial in child beating death case

Daily Item: Delcamp weeps as jury sees graphic photos of Arabella Parker’s injuries at trial

Samantha Delcamp
Samantha Delcamp.
(Daily Item)

(The Standard-Journal) Retired trooper testifies that Delcamp lied about daughter’s murder

(Daily Item) UPDATE: Delcamp could face up to 63 years in prison after guilty verdict

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  1. Why does she get more time then the boyfriend she didn’t kill she daughter 63!year is kind of to much to my opinion. The boyfriend got 24 to 50 year for killing her and I understand she didn’t do anything and she needs to do some time sounds like he was abused and she couldn’t get out don’t waste her life a way in prison for a mistake for what her boyfriend done she tried to get out plus she passed the test on Steve Wilkos.

  2. Uh, IMHO this “mother” deserves life. Period. This was her child, and her only job is to keep her beautiful child out of harm’s way. She’s no mother. She was a dang incubator. Think of all the couples who can’t have children? Who go through IVF, who try to adopt. This “female” had no business having a child. Shame on her. This makes me rage.

  3. You’re kidding me right? This incubator deserves the harshest punishment. Her only job is to keep her beautiful child safe! That beautiful girl deserved so much more.

  4. I think she sever enough time by being in jail she didn’t kill her daughter she did pass the her test on the Steve Wilkos show

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