Lawmakers & Activists Call for DCFS Reform Near Anniversary of AJ Freund’s Death

AJ Freund
AJ Freund.
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April 14th, 2022 was the three year anniversary of the brutal, unnecessary, preventable death of five-year-old AJ Freund, the first child I ever covered on the blog and on Suffer the Little Children Podcast (here and here).

AJ was one of hundreds of children who died since 2019 under the care of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), a number that also includes several other children I’ve featured on the blog and/or the podcast, namely Tate Thurman, James Ryker Biel, Rica Jae Rountree, and Kerrigan Rutherford.

Around the anniversary of AJ’s death, Tracy Kotzman, founder of the activist group Roar for AJ, filled the floor of the Illinois State Capital Rotunda with empty shoes in remembrance of those hundreds of children while, on the house floor, lawmakers from both major political parties called for an overhaul of the agency tasked with protecting vulnerable children in Illinois.

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