Plagiarism Sucks

This week, I discovered that another true crime content creator (Jay JustJay Harris of The AFC Matters/The AFC Podcast) plagiarized several of my copyright-protected posts from this very blog. In at least nine of the videos published on his YouTube channel, Mr. Harris read entire segments of my stories verbatim, even passing off my personal commentary within the posts as his own opinions.

Making matters worse, Mr. Harris clearly profits from his use of the hard work of others; multiple times in each video, he points out the many ways his audience can donate money to him. His YouTube channel is likely monetized, so I will not provide the link; to put it bluntly, I don’t believe he deserves the extra traffic, nor does he deserve to profit another cent from the hours and sometimes days of work I put into researching and writing each blog post.

Mr. Harris has not responded to multiple attempts to contact him, including the cease and desist letter I sent via email. He has also failed to remove the plagiarized content.

The actions of Mr. Harris may constitute criminal copyright infringement, per the United States Department of Justice:

If anyone supports this “creator,” please consider withdrawing your support.

Plagiarism sucks


  1. You really should file a complaint with YouTube and they will delete his content.

    Best of Luck,

  2. He sucks all around quite frankly. I watched him maybe 5 times before I couldn’t stomach his garbage.
    Like… He’s just a gross human. I literally at one point had to cite the American Academy of Pediatrics because he was telling his ignorant (I say that bc they just blindly go along) following “you don’t put a baby on their back to sleep” uh…
    Also the way he attacks personal appearance might lead one 5o believe he owns no mirror. Like.. yeah if you harm a child you deserve every snaggle tooth swamp ass doughboy comment. Where I draw the line is “influencers” drawing conclusions about people based on their personal appearance which usually, is more genetic than anything else. But what else could one expect from such a bottom feeding, simple minded, sellout plagiarist?

    Please link me so that I can report the posts with timestamp without having to suffer through his fluffy unoriginal ass mouth.

    • I feel like the AFC is more of a commentary channel than a channel that is like the Suffer the Children Podcast, so he relies more heavily on his opinions. I used to watch regularly before my interests shifted back to forensics channels, and I noticed that he did have a lot of opinions against the parents. I enjoyed listening to him having a go at parents/stepparents that did murder their children- but I didn’t appreciate that against parents that weren’t responsible for the death of their child.

      I can’t think of the poor baby’s name at the moment, but there was a case dealing with a child who was killed at a daycare that the AFC was discussing. The parents had nothing to do with the murder, but the content creator along with his fans were attacking the mother who had to drop the baby off at daycare so that she could work.

      I also didn’t appreciate the attacks made against parents that couldn’t afford insurance and so they had to get crowdfunding to pay for their child’s funeral services. I think that both of these issues mentioned above was why I decided to also back out of the AFC videos and go with other channels that discussed child abuse/child murder cases… but I did decide to also go back to my intellectual interests as well and find forensic channels, etc.

  3. Yeah, since I found your podcast – I’ve only listened to YouTube a couple times. The way you tell a story keeps me interested and engaged. As well, your writing is gripping. The level of your presentation is next and it sounds like p-boy (plagiarism boy is how he should be referred), is a huge fan too! Hope he doesn’t turn into an episode!

    • Stop it because this woman lied about her whole ass story on my niece and need to be in jail herself and this bitch gets paid as well..

      • “This woman” — as in, me — did not lie about Billie’s story. I reported the facts exactly as the news did. Are you attacking every news reporter who covered the story, as well? You reached out to me months ago, wanting to talk to me about your brother’s innocence, but you never followed through. I never villainized your brother; I merely told the facts as reported by the news. As for getting paid, my goal is to be able to do this full time and support my own kids, but I’m not there yet. I’m quite sure Jay is making more than enough with his video ad revenue alone to live quite well. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that he not profit from my long hours of hard work.

      • What’s there to lie about? She never once said it was fact that Billy killed your niece, she said he was CHARGED with the killing of your niece. I understand your angry in your grief but don’t take it out on innocent people reporting a story, which, I’ve read what the news said and Laine here isn’t wrong, she reported it correctly and she didn’t plagiarize her story from the news sources either. I’m sorry your family is hurting but that baby didn’t die by natural causes and even if your brother never laid a hand on that girl, he lived in the same house under the same roof at the same time as her and you cannot tell me he didn’t notice any abuse? C’mon. Ill say a prayer for you and your family but your niece deserves to be remembered and that is literally all Laine is doing here with these stories. The perpetrators deserve scrutiny and the public deserves to know who these monsters are. Sorry for your loss.

  4. Girl bye with all of that shit, when anyone reports a story that is not their own it’s plagiarism period because it’s not yours to began with it’s the story and words of who you’re reporting about and copyrights is played at the beginning of each of Jay’s videos so miss me… Where do you get your info from? Not your own story or words so goodbye try to knock another black man down .

    • With all due respect, Alice, I know each child’s story itself is not mine, but the research I do in order to write each story and the words I choose to write ARE mine. I watched every video in question, and he plays the copyright notice before playing news videos only.

    • Alice, nobody is knocking a black man down. I highly doubt that Jay himself would see this as somebody knocking him down as a person of colour. This is a case of plagiarism where Jay is taking something that isn’t his and putting it down as his own content. That is theft. From what I can gather, it was accidental. Jay (The AFC) is a commentary channel where he reads, watches, and responds to content. This could have been a case where Jay was reading an article posted here by Laine and didn’t tell his viewers where the article ended and his commentary started.

      It’s an easy mistake to make that can be rectified by an apology and going back to each video where he took Laine’s articles and citing his sources. You’re confusing taking information from another source with proper citation and rewriting it so that it’s in your own words to actual plagiarism, which is literary theft. Whether accidental or not, Jay should acknowledge it and maybe he will. I hope he does. From what I have seen of Jay, he is a very down to earth and receptive person who has acknowledged making mistakes in the past and apologizing for them.

      Laine has a podcast on YouTube where all of her sources are cited. I also believe that her sources are cited on her blog. Jay doesn’t seem to cite his sources, but I could be mistaken about this as it has been a few months since I watched his videos. It just seems like he made a simple mistake. That’s it. He’s a human being after all, and humans make mistakes. Regardless of race.

  5. Have listened to everyone of your episodes after finding your podcast searching for a certain story. I wish you didn’t have so many stories but appreciate your level of respect for each family member (who deserves it) is heart warming.

  6. You’ve done an amazing job of thoroughly researching each story. It’s sad that some people have nothing better to do than lash out at you.

  7. There aren’t enough focus placed on child abuse cases, and even though I also have my issues with the AFC, I still think his intentions are good. However, It would be ideal if both STLC and AFC could somehow work together to attract more attention to the issue of child abuse. When I look up some of the cases that you both spotlight, I can find very little as far as articles and news reports. You should absolutely unite on this cause.

  8. There aren’t enough focus placed on child abuse cases, and even though I also have my issues with the AFC, I still think his intentions are good., It would be ideal if both STLC and AFC could somehow work together to attract more attention to the issue of child abuse. When I look up some of the cases that you both spotlight, I can find very little as far as articles and news reports. You should absolutely unite on this cause.

    • I mentioned to Mr. Harris that I’d be fine with him using my blog content as a source provided he named me as a source, but he refuses to answer all attempts I’ve made to contact him. I’m sure his intentions are mostly good, but his methods are unethical.

  9. I’ve watched the AFC a lot a couple of months ago, but because I jump around from channel to channel and like to do what I call ‘interest hopping’, I lost him and other true crime channels. His content was good when I was watching it, but I think that was because I liked how he was a voice for children much like you. Had no idea about the plagiarism and I am so sorry that you have had to go through this.

    I hope that this is a case of accidental plagiarism. The AFC is more of a commentary channel where he inserts his commentary in between news articles, blog posts, and videos- but the least he could have done here was cite his sources and show where he got the information from.

    Again, I am so sorry that you had to go through this. Plagiarism is never fun to go through and I hope you’re doing okay. I love your content and I don’t want you to stop because of this issue. 🙁

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