Case Update: Accused Killer of Blind 5-Year-Old Jamarion Delancy Arrested on Gun Charge

Jamarion Delancy
Jamarion Delancy.

Last November, I told you a particularly egregious and shocking story in which a mother was hospitalized to give birth to her third child, leaving her five-and-seven-year-old children in the care of her boyfriend, Yoshuah Dallas. As the woman recuperated from giving birth to a healthy baby girl, her boyfriend brought her young son, Jamarion Delancy, to St. Louis Children’s Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Yoshuah Dallas was arrested the following day and charged with abuse or neglect of a child causing death, as well as unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. 

I wasn’t aware of this, but on June 15, 2021, Circuit Judge Ellen “Nellie” Ribaudo reduced Yoshuah’s $250,000 cash-only bail to $200,000, allowing him to post ten percent of the amount. After posting $20,000 cash on June 21, Yoshuah was released on the condition that he live with his parents and have no contact with Aunyae and her daughters.

Well, that was about as good an idea as it sounds. In this week’s “No Shit” files, 25-year-old Yoshuah Dallas was rearrested on Thursday, September 2 and charged with one count of unlawful use of a weapon. According to police, on August 20, 2021, Yoshuah got out of a car parked outside Larimore Liquor Store on Larimore Road in St. Louis, pointed a gun at his wife’s brother, and yelled, “Stop playing with me!” He then got back into the car and took off. 

Fortunately, the incident was recorded by surveillance cameras.

Yoshuah was booked back into the St. Louis County Jail. His new cash-only bail was set at $75,000. No information is available about any future hearings in either case. Edited to add: a pretrial conference has now been scheduled for 9:00 AM on September 10, 2021 in St. Louis County 21st Circuit Court.

On a brighter note, the St. Louis County Police Association, so moved by Jamarion’s death and his family’s plight, created a fundraiser to cover Jamarion’s funeral costs and to help his mom, Aunyae, care for Jamarion’s sisters. The campaign raised over $51,000 before it was closed to new donations. Joe Patterson, executive director of the association, said, “We got messages as far away as France from officers and citizens. The story really touched them… We were overwhelmed by the support of the community. 

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