Suffer the Little Children Podcast – Episode 36: Jacob Landin (Part 2)

Last week, I told you the story of Jacob Landin: a beautiful, happy nine-month-old boy, bursting with life and personality, whose death from blunt force trauma to the head has been unresolved for over 33 years. Despite investigators zeroing in on a single suspect, the case, which over the years saw a periodic resurgence in police interest, has gone officially unsolved, and the man believed to have caused Jacob’s death has gone unpunished.

For this week’s episode, I had the honor of speaking with Jacob’s older brother, Eric Carter-Landin. Eric, who was 6 at the time, was initially blamed for causing Jacob’s death, and he has channelled his traumatic childhood experiences and the loss of his beloved brother into his own true crime podcast, True Consequences

This is part 2 of the infuriating story of Jacob Landin.

Click here to sign Eric’s petition: Justice for Jacob Landin. 

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