Case Update: Murder and Battery Charges for Father Who Dumped 3-Year-Old Kardie Weathersby at ER to Die

Kardie Rose Weathersby
Kardie Rose Weathersby.

There aren’t words for the level of satisfaction (and, if I’m honest, schadenfreude) I experienced when this Google Alert popped up on my phone in the middle of the night.

21-year-old Trevion Dawon Shaver, the biological father of three-year-old Kardie Rose Weathersby, has been charged with felony murder and aggravated battery, a level 1 felony.

Kardie died on October 15 from severe head injuries after she was dropped off, unresponsive, at an emergency room in South Bend, Indiana by a man who did not identify himself. That man, the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office says, was Kardie’s father.

Kardie’s death was ruled a homicide due to blunt force trauma.

I did not want to name Trevion until he was officially charged, but the St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit (CMHU) honed in on him immediately, as Kardie was in his care when she was injured. Trevion goes by the street names Peanut and Pill Dust.

Trevion Shaver mugshot
Trevion Shaver’s Kane County, Michigan booking photo.
(WSBT 22)

Probable cause documents in the case reveal that Trevion, who abandoned his daughter at the emergency room without identifying either himself or her or even telling medical staff what had happened to her, had a variety of excuses for Kardie’s injuries. He told Kardie’s mother, Vanina, that the little girl had an allergic reaction to some Bactine he sprayed on her skin; he also told her that after Kardie wet herself, he tried to give her a bath, but she hit her head on the bathtub. If that wasn’t enough, he also told Vanina their daughter fell out of a car and that he went “overboard” with discipline.

Trevion was arrested in Kent County, Michigan on October 16 on an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court in June of 2019 on charges of larceny from the person, and he is still being detained there for now. I would imagine at some point, he will be extradited to Indiana to face the music. 

Trevion faces up to 105 years in prison if convicted of both offenses. 

At a memorial service on October 27, Kardie’s family said goodbye to their happy, sunshiney little girl who loved to sing and dance, watch cartoons, call her family members on the phone, and spend time with her favorite person, her mom.

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Sources: WSBT 22

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