Case Update: Arabella Parker’s Mother in Negotiations with D.A.’s Office

Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker.

As was to be expected, news recently came out that 25-year-old Samantha Delcamp of Trevorton, Pennsylvania is in “ongoing negotiations” with the Northumberland County District Attorney’s office.

Samantha and her then-boyfriend, 21-year-old Jahrid Burgess, were both charged with murder and multiple other charges in the beating death of Samantha’s three-year-old daughter, Arabella Parker, who was taken to Geisinger Memorial Hospital on October 10, 2019 with injuries so severe that part of her brain had to be removed. Samantha told police that over 45 minutes passed between the beating and the 911 call and that Arabella suffered seizures for the entirety of that time. 

Arabella languished on life support until her death on November 22. 

Both Samantha and Jahrid have pointed the finger at each other. In a prison interview, Jahrid admitted to the reporter that he hit both Arabella and Samantha at times when they “did not follow the rules,” but he denied administering Arabella’s fatal beating. He said that when Arabella would not eat her dinner on the evening of October 10, Samantha got angry and threw her daughter across the room, where Arabella hit the wall and fell to the floor on her head.

Samantha on The Steve Wilkos Show.
(The Sun)

Samantha has thus far maintained her innocence, saying Jahrid was abusive to both her and Arabella in the weeks leading up to her daughter’s death, hitting both of them and even locking her in the attic. She said as much during her appearance on The Steve Wilkos Show, during which Steve basically tore her to shreds, later saying she was one of the worst mothers he had ever featured on his show.

Samantha was arrested just days after investigators viewed the taping.

On Monday, September 28, Samantha was scheduled for a status hearing before President Judge Charles Saylor, but her public defender, Michael O’Donnell, requested a continuance. When Judge Saylor asked for the reason for the continuance, O’Donnell asked to approach the bench, and when the judge denied his request, he asked to speak to the judge in his chambers. After their brief meeting, the hearing was rescheduled for Monday, November 30 at 9:15 AM. 

Mandy and Tyrone Kegler
Mandy Kegler with her husband, Tyrone.

Arabella’s aunt and Samantha’s sister, Mandy Kegler, was present for the September 28 hearing. Mandy was given full custody of Arabella while the little girl remained in the hospital prior to her death. She told a reporter, “These continuances are frustrating. I want to see justice for Arabella, and I want this all to be over with and Arabella get her justice.”

District Attorney Tony Matulewicz would not comment on the ongoing case. Samantha’s attorney hinted to a reporter that the negotiations between the parties may result in a plea agreement.

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Precious Arabella.
(Remembering Arabella Margaret Parker Facebook page)

Source: The Daily Item, Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System portal

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