Case Update: Trial Rescheduled for Accused Killer of Ger’Mya Alexander

Ger'Mya Alexander
Ger’Mya Alexander.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, especially when there’s a pandemic involved.

The jury trial for 38-year-old Clint Dammon Mason, who is accused of beating his girlfriend’s eight-year-old daughter to death in March of this year, has been rescheduled to begin at 8:31 AM on Monday, February 16, 2021, according to the Kern County, California criminal court case information portal.

The 6’2”, 235 pound monster is accused of beating Ger’Mya Amiah Alexander to death on March 17, 2020, using vicious overhand blows with a metal cane in a beating intended to “motivate” her to complete her household chores. The brutal attack was allegedly caught on video by security cameras inside the family’s Bakersfield apartment.

Ger'Mya Alexander and mother Amber Fisher
Ger’Mya and her mom, Amber.

After the beating, Ger’Mya could not walk upstairs to her bedroom, so Clint carried her. He also told police the little girl told him she felt sick and was having trouble breathing. When he checked on her at 5:00 AM on the morning of March 18, she was not breathing, at which point he called Ger’Mya’s mother in tears, saying, “You need to come home; something wrong with Mya. I don’t think she breathing; something wrong with her.”

Clint was watching Ger’Mya while her mother, Amber, his girlfriend of five years, worked as an overnight caregiver. 

Clint Dammon Mason mugshot
Clint Dammon Mason’s mugshot.
(Bakersfield Police Department)

When Amber arrived at home, Clint told her, “I can’t get in trouble for this. I don’t believe she’s breathing.” As Amber called 911, Clint took off on foot, leading police on a manhunt. He was arrested on March 19 at a Motel 6 in Inglewood.

Meanwhile, Ger’Mya was taken to Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, where she was prounounced dead on March 18.

Clint’s jury trial was initially scheduled to take place in July of 2020. He was seen in court for a status hearing on October 1, at which point his trial was rescheduled for February. In the meantime, he is scheduled for another status conference at 8:30 AM on November 4; following that, he has a readiness hearing at 8:30 AM on February 5.

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Sources: Kern County (California) Criminal Case Information portal

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