Case Update: Mother’s Boyfriend Finally Charged with Abuse of 1-Year-Old Zyaire Reed’s Surviving Twin Brother, Zion

Zion and Zyaire Reed
Zion (left) and Zyaire Reed.
(News Herald)

In late August, I told you the story of twin 13-month-old brothers named Zion and Zyaire Reed from Ecorse, Michigan, both of whom were brutally abused, allegedly at the hands of their mother’s live-in boyfriend, 34-year-old James Edward Gibson, Jr. 

James is not the father of the twins.

When police arrived at the Renaissance Estates apartment complex on July 28, 2020, they found little Zyaire unresponsive on the hood of a vehicle. Zion was inside the apartment, also suffering signs of abuse, and both boys were transported to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, where Zyaire was pronounced dead on arrival. Zion underwent surgery to repair multiple broken bones, including his femur, hip, nose, and both clavicles; he was also treated for brain bleeding. 

Zyaire Reed

Both twins suffered severe facial injuries and broken blood vessels in their eyes. Ion’s cheek and ears were swollen, and he had a cut on his lip. 

The twins’ mother, 34-year-old Lisa Marie Reed, was arrested at the hospital and charged with a single count of first degree child abuse in regard to Zion’s injuries. 

James, however, took off, leading police on a manhunt. When he was captured not long afterward, he was not initially charged with the abuse of Lisa’s boys; he was held on a parole violation. 

Last week, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office at last charged James Gibson with felony first-degree child abuse against Zion, a charge that could incur a punishment of up to life in prison. Neither Lisa nor James have yet been charged in Zyaire’s death.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said, “There is simply not much that prepares you for the allegations in this case for 13-month-old twin Zion Reed. It is important to note that the investigation into the homicide of Zyaire Reed is not completed, and we are waiting to receive and review other work that we have requested in this case.”

Zion continues to receive treatment for his injuries. Lisa’s next court date is on October 27. 

Sources: The News-Herald

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