Case Update: Mother of Josias Marquez, Special Needs Boy Found in Car Trunk, Ordered to Stand Trial

Josias Marquez
Josias Marquez.

Sagal Hussein, the Howard, Wisconsin woman accused of causing her five-year-old son’s brutal death by completely failing to care for him for months, was ordered on Tuesday to stand trial. 

The partially-mummified remains of five-year-old Josias Marquez were discovered in the trunk of his mother’s car in March of this year. According to court documents, Sagal stopped giving her middle child his medication in 2018. Josias suffered from a bout of meningitis as a newborn that left him blind, unable to speak, walk, or crawl, and stricken with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Sagal is also accused of refusing to provide Josias with any medical care other than the CBD oil she claims to have given him to treat his severe health conditions, and the criminal complaint alleges she neglected to feed Josias for God only knows how long. When his “significantly undernourished” body was found stuffed into a duffel bag in the trunk of her car, it weighed around 20 pounds. Josias, when he was healthy, weighed over 30 pounds. 

Sagal Hussein video conference court hearing
Sagal Hussein via video conference on August 25.

On Tuesday, August 25, Sagal attended her preliminary hearing by video conference despite her prior insistence on attending in person causing several delays. Her defense attorney, Timothy Hogan, told the court there was no solid evidence linking Sagal to Josias’s cause of death or hiding his body in her vehicle, but Sagal was the only adult living in the home for several months surrounding Josias’s death, which likely occurred around the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. My guess is January 9, when Sagal called out of work, saying her older son was sick.

Also at Tuesday’s hearing, a Brown County sheriff’s investigator testified, and the defense filed a motion to change judges. Sagal’s arraignment hearing was scheduled for September 16, and she was ordered to stand trial on the nine charges against her, which include chronic neglect of a child resulting in death, a class B felony; hiding the corpse of a child, a class F felony; neglect of a child under six years of age with a disability; neglect of a child; and five counts of obstructing an officer for the various lies she told investigators. 

A trial date has not yet been set in the case.

Sources: Fox11 Online, Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

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