Case Update: Nakota Kelly’s Father, Anthony Dibiah, Transferred from Missouri to Indiana Jail

Nakota Kelly
Nakota Kelly.

In a move that somehow eluded major news outlets, authorities in Marion County have extradited Anthony Dibiah from jail in Macon County, Missouri to a facility in Indiana.

Anthony was captured after a short manhunt on July 19, 2020 on suspicion of the murder of his ten-year-old son, Nakota Blake Kelly, who had expressed fear earlier in the week that spending the weekend with his father as scheduled would end badly.

Nakota’s mother reported to DCS on July 14 that Nakota had said to her, “My dad is going to kill me.” Whether or not DCS took the complaint seriously remains to be seen, but due to previous experiences with trying to withhold Nakota from scheduled visitation due to his father’s alleged abuse and the reality that she would be arrested if she tried to keep her son home, Nakota’s mom, Hayley Kelly, had no choice but to allow the scheduled weekend visit to take place.

Anthony Dibiah booking photo
Anthony Dibiah’s booking photo.

Police were called to do a welfare check on Anthony’s apartment in Indianapolis on the evening of July 18 after he reportedly called a cousin and confessed to suffocating Nakota with a plastic bag and then taking him to the bathroom to ensure he was dead. Hearing someone inside the apartment but not receiving a response to their knock, police left without making contact.

The next morning, Anthony called a friend and confessed again, police again performed a welfare check, this time obtaining a key from building management, and found a bloody crime scene in the apartment’s bathroom leading them to believe Nakota was dead. Anthony was captured later that day traveling through Missouri, away from Indiana, and was taken to the Macon County Jail.

Extradition was ordered to take place before August 3, at which point Macon County would be forced to release Anthony, but we haven’t heard an update since that order was made. I’m really surprised news media from Indianapolis didn’t dig into this a little, because a simple search at reveals that Anthony Dibiah is indeed in custody at the Marion County Jail and has been since August 2.

As you can see from the image above, Anthony’s next court date isn’t scheduled until November 5, 2020, so it may be awhile before we hear any more updates on Nakota’s case.

Nakota’s body has still not been found.

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