Case Update: Stepmother Arrested in Torture Death of 7-Year-Old Billie Williams

Billie Symone Williams
Billie Williams.

A second arrest has been made in the death of seven-year-old Billie Williams, who was found dead two months ago in the garage of her family’s home in Stockton, California. 

At around 4:45 AM on May 23, police responded to a request for a welfare check at the Williams home in the 1300 block of Candlewood Way in Stockton. Billie was located, unresponsive, in the garage and pronounced dead on the scene. Child Protective Services took the family’s surviving five children into custody. 

The same day, Billie’s father, 30-year-old Billy Dee Williams, was arrested and booked into the San Joaquin County Jail. He was arraigned on May 27 on six felony counts of willful cruelty to a child resulting in injury or death, in addition to felony torture and infliction of great bodily injury. 

Billy was originally charged with felony murder, although he was not arraigned on that charge; Dr. Michael Hunter, medical examiner for San Joaquin County, needs additional time to review all of the forensic medical evidence to determine Billie’s cause of death. 

Billy Dee Williams mugshot - San Joaquin County DA
Billy Dee Williams.
(San Joaquin District Attorney)

County District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar said in a statement, “This remains an open and active investigation, and we are working with Stockton police detectives, Children’s Protective Services, and the Medical Examiner’s Office to ensure justice is served in this case.”

She added, “As the investigation proceeds and once the medical examiner determines the cause of death, additional charges can and will be filed as warranted against any persons responsible for the death of this young girl.”

Ms. Salazar wasn’t just blowing smoke. On the evening of Tuesday, June 16, a second arrest was made in the case, one that Billy Dee Williams’ family members have been waiting for. His wife, 38-year-old Takiesha Lakwham Williams, was arrested on suspicion of felony torture and willful cruelty toward a child resulting in possible injury or death in relation to the death of Billie Williams, who was Takiesha’s stepdaughter.

Takiesha Williams' booking photo from Stockton Police
Takiesha Williams’ booking photo.
(Stockton Police)

Over the past two weeks, several members of the Williams family, including Takiesha, were interviewed over several episodes of The AFC Podcast, on which the host discusses current news events. During her portion, Takiesha discussed her volatile relationship with Billy’s family, saying, “When I tell you they’ve been coming at me hard, they’ve been coming at me hard. This was not even a shock to me, but it can be unpacked and be found to be so untrue.” 

She talked about multiple visits from CPS as well as about domestic violence on her husband’s part. “Billy is about action. It ain’t going to be talking. Have you ever seen someone beat somebody with a mountain bike before?”

During Billy’s initial court hearing, several members of his family protested outside the courtroom, demanding his wife also be investigated. Family members told a reporter that Takiesha’s arrest was a step toward justice. 

The next court date for both Billy and Takiesha is scheduled for at 8:30 AM on June 25. Billy is being held on $2.2 million bail. Takiesha’s bail is set at $2 million. 

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Sources: Recordnet, CBS Sacramento


  1. The CBS news reporter edited and lied about the “first time interview with Takiesha from the jail”. That was actually an edit from the podcast that reporter claimed to have been an interview with Takiesha from jail. And if you watch the podcast, Takiesha was explaining how her ex-husband attacked Billy which is her current husband, hitting him with a pole in his head, she then say tha Billy pick up a mountain bike and beat the ex-husband with it.. For one Billy is 8 years younger then his wife and 9 years younger then her ex-husband, at the time of that attack which Billy would have had all right to defend himself, Billy was a 20 year old young adult and already taking full responsibility of his two children Ariana and Lil Billie. Billy was hospitalized for getting hit in the head with that metal pole so how would he be able to beat someone so badly with a mountain bike as Takiesha described. Further more when Billy family made it to the hospital that day Takiesha bragged about how she started hitting her ex-husband with the mountain bike in order to get him off of Billy. Yall should know FACTS before improperly making these kind of false accusations about people that especially when they are fighting for their life that is not cool and totally illegal. Next time reach oout to family and friends of these people perhaps before slandering someones name. If you want more of the real story and some exclusive details you can contact me at 209 539 2447 or at I am the oldest sister of Billy Williams the father and Billie Symone Williams auntie, and we miss her so much and we miss my brother and my other niece who the system refuse to allow us to mourn with so she is out in the world somewhere we have no idea.

    Thank You..

    • Did you proofread what you wrote? You legit said he beat his ass with a mountain bike. Then a few sentences later said he couldn’t have beat this other guy with a mountain bike. Stop jumping to defend someone just bc they are your family. Believe me you have no clue what actually goes on anywhere family or not.

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