Case Update: Prosecutor for Alissa Guernsey Case Loses Senate Race

Protesters, including Marshall Talbert (left), in front of Jeff Wible's office. (No Excuse 4 Child Abuse Foundation/Marshall Talbert)
Protesters, including Marshall Talbert (left), in front of Jeff Wible’s office.
(No Excuse 4 Child Abuse Foundation/ Marshall Talbert)

Author’s note: I have recently reached out to Mr. Wible to schedule some time to speak with him. We have never heard his side of the story, which I think may add perspective in ways we’ve never had in this case.

Don’t ever tell me that peaceful protests are ineffective.

Thanks to the efforts of concerned citizens of LaGrange County, Indiana, Sue Glick, incumbent state senator since 2010, won the Republican primary election last week, defeating challenger Jeff Wible.

Wible, you may remember, was the prosecutor who, for no discernible reason, convened a grand jury to decide what charges to press against Christy Shaffer, who was accused of the 2009 beating death of 16-month-old Alissa Guernsey. Instead of charging Christy with anything close to murder, manslaughter, or even neglect of a dependent resulting in death, the grand jury handed down an indictment for a class B felony charge of neglect resulting in serious injury.

Based on the injuries clearly visible in Alissa’s postmortem photos, that baby was not neglected. She was beaten to death

Thanks to the inadequate charges, Judge Scott Vanderbeck’s obvious bias toward the Sprunger-Shaffer family, and the “good ol’ boys” mentality of the court system in the area, Christy Shaffer spent a pathetic 77 days in jail for the brutal beating death of her 16-month-old second cousin, Alissa Beth Guernsey.

Jeff Wible was running for Indiana State Senate, but he was defeated by incumbent State Senator Sue Glick.

Alissa’s Army, a group of women including Bernadette Buccafuri, the administrator of the BabyAlissaCries4Justice Facebook page, have held rallies and gatherings for years demanding justice for Alissa. Sadly, because of the plea deal Christy Shaffer was given, she can never face further charges in Alissa’s death, so there is nothing more we can do on that front. 

We can, however, prevent Wible and Vanderbeck from succeeding in their attempts to further their political careers, and that is exactly what former Indiana State Police Public Information Officer and former Howard County Sheriff Marshall Talbert set out to do several years ago. He hasn’t let up since.

Marshall Talbert, Indiana State Police
Marshall Talbert during his years as Howard County Sheriff. (Provided)

On Friday, June 12, I had the pleasure of speaking on the phone with Mr. Talbert, who filled me in on all of his efforts to stymie Jeff Wible’s political attempts. He also shared several photos with me, which I will share throughout this post. 

In my blog post about Alissa, as well as on Episode 8 of Suffer the Little Children Podcast, I shared a letter Mr. Talbert wrote to the editor of KPC News regarding Jeff Wible’s senate bid. The subject line of that letter was “We can campaign for a candidate, or against them,” and the entire letter was a work of art, holding nothing back when explaining most eloquently why Jeff Wible was not suited for a senate seat.

One of his most often quoted lines was, “I wouldn’t vote Jeff Wible for dog catcher, if that were an elected office.”

Justice for Alissa Guernsey sign on Inside Edition
This protest sign was shown on the Inside Edition episode about Alissa’s case.
(Inside Edition)

Mr. Talbert first learned of Alissa’s case after watching the Inside Edition segment about her story back in 2013. He admired the work Alissa’s Army was doing to bring awareness to Alissa’s case, but he had some ideas on how to make their protests more effective. He told them that instead of their hand-lettered signs on poster boards, they should consider having professional signs printed up. He also sought out other men to join the movement, because Alissa’s Army was, up till then, composed solely of women.

Both with Alissa’s Army and on his own time, Mr. Talbert has gone to great lengths to remind Wible and Vanderbeck that they may have forgotten about Alissa, but he and many others haven’t. Twice a year, he makes it a point to protest outside the Indiana judicial conference, which is held at a different, undisclosed location semi-annually. 

During the most recent senate seat race, Mr. Talbert even wrote “Remember Baby Alissa” outside Wible’s office as a reminder to Wible why many adamantly opposed his run for office. 

Remember Baby Alissa written in chalk on the sidewalk in front of Jeff Wible's Indiana office
Mr. Talbert wrote this slogan in chalk on the sidewalk in front of Jeff Wible’s office.

Mr. Talbert wanted to do more to campaign against Wible in the past few months, but due to the COVID-19 restrictions, congregation was not allowed. Since restrictions have recently eased, he was able to convene a small group with signs to protest in front of the LaGrange County Courthouse on on the Saturday prior to the election. Since most people don’t campaign against candidates on a local level — this kind of anti-campaigning usually occurs at or near the national level — citizens took notice. A photo of the protest even made the front page of the LaGrange Standard newspaper. 

Supporters of Alissa Guernsey protest Jeff Wible's senate bid on the front page of the LaGrange Standard newspaper

While he and his group campaigned outside one of the voting stations, Mr. Talbert said, Wible himself pulled up and had the audacity to give them the finger, further proving just how unfit for public office he truly is.

Sue Glick
Sue Glick.
(KPC News)

Wible was defeated during the June 2, 2020 election by incumbent candidate Sue Glick in the Republican primary for Indiana State Senate District 13. In fact, Sue Glick raked in 61.2% of the votes; Jeff Wible received 38.8%.

For his part, Wible has always refused to speak with the media about his involvement in Alissa’s case.

Whenever we’re faced with the question “What more can we do?”, says Mr. Talbert, remember: there is always something we can do to keep a victim like Alissa in the spotlight. Never forget you can campaign against a judge or prosecutor trying to attain a higher political status. You do not have to accept what public officials do; if you’re unhappy, take action, and attempt to oust them by any (legal) means necessary.

Congratulations to Sue Glick on her victory, and heartfelt thanks to Marshall Talbert and Alissa’s Army for making it happen!

Sources: Marshall Talbert, KPC News, Say NO to Jeff Wible for Elected Seat State Senate District 13 Facebook group


  1. I just went back to review episode 8 on this case and saw the photos of this sweet angel in the hospital after she passed, for the life of me, I cannot understand WHY anyone could or would beat a child, any child, but a helpless baby?!? It makes me physically ill seeing like those, or any of these poor children you feature on your podcast and here on this blog.. I’m a mother of two daughters, now ages 21 & 20, and a stepmom to 3 young men 28, 25 and 22. I raised all 5 along with my second husband. When I had my girls I had been an alcoholic for many years, though I never drank during either pregnancy, I had always planned on going right back to drinking after I breast fed the second one. But after my two girls were born, I instead entered a rehabilitation center and I’m very proud to say, I’ve been sober for 20 years now! When u realized just how small and helpless my babies were, I knew I could never be the mother they needed while intoxicated and i thank God the desire to drink has been long gone from this mommy and I am so very proud to say that none of the kids have ever had to experience myself my husband drunk. In fact, I met my second husband in AA!
    I’m happy to say my oldest stepson has just received a DOCTORATE in code writing for computers, my 25 year old stepson has a degree in graphic design, the 22 year old is in the Marines, my 21 yr old daughter is in her senior year at San Jose State university and will be graduating on time with a bachelor degree in public relations with a minor in business and the baby, my 20 year old, is entering her junior year in college at Long Beach CA getting a bachelor degree in communications and a minor in business! I’m so proud I could burst! I truly believe my husband and my desire to be sober, loving parents are the reason they have all turned out so fantastic. From the time they were born I read, I sung alphabet and number songs I would make up as we ran around in the car doing errands and what not, Anne both girls entered kindergarten already knowing how to write their names, count to 20+ and had already started to learn how to read!
    The reason they’ve succeeded though, in my opinion, is because they were loved, cared for, supported and raised to the best of my ability. And the best thing is the rewards of having the best relationship with all five of the Kids, and it’s an open Ave honest relationship to. Especially with my girls, they literally tell me everything and they all know, if they need help with anything or just want to hear a loving voice, my hubby and I are a phone call away
    I can’t understand why all parents can’t see the true joy and the most miraculous relationship that can be brought to fruition through love and understanding of ones offspring. I truly can’t understand. I wish I could’ve gotten ahold of any of these poor kids when they were still with us here on earth, and shown them love and compassion, if not for a lifetime, if even just a day, so they could’ve known that life wasn’t horrible and they were perfect human beings… sorry this is so long, I’m just writing so I won’t cry after seeing those photos of that poor baby… god bless them All

    • Stacey, what an awesome success story! Congratulations on 20 years sober. I wish every child on this blog had parents as willing to commit to their wellbeing and safety as your five have! 💖

      • Thank you so much for saying that. I was a little worried it would come across as bragging about myself, but I was definitely bragging about my kids, cause what mom doesn’t?!😁
        I just wanted to express how awesome and special and perfect all kids are if given the chance.
        There really aren’t any bad little kids, only bad parents

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