Case Update: Murder of Ger’Mya Alexander Was Caught on Surveillance Video; Trial Date Set for Accused Killer

Ger'Mya Amiah Alexander
Eight-year-old Ger’Mya Amiah Alexander.

Well, as horrific as this is, at least it should aid the prosecution in a slam-dunk conviction against this abusive shitbag. I apologize in advance; this case makes me so fucking angry, you guys.

Documents filed in California’s Kern County Superior Court became available this week, showing that the fatal beating of eight-year-old Ger’Mya Amirah Alexander was captured on surveillance video inside her family’s Bakersfield apartment. 

Ger’Mya’s mother, Amber Fisher, showed police video clips showing Ger’Mya bent over an ottoman at around 9:30 PM on March 17, 2020, while Amber’s boyfriend, 38-year-old Clint Dammon Mason, loomed over the little girl with a metal cane. In the videos, Clint held the cane with both hands as he brought it down repeatedly in vicious overhand blows to Ger’Mya’s bottom, while the helpless little girl cried out in pain, begged Clint to stop, and screamed, “No!”

Clint Dammon Mason
Clint Mason.

Audio from the clips also demonstrates what a soulless fucking monster is, as he can be heard telling Ger’Mya he “doesn’t give a [expletive],” “this is what you wanted,” and “this is not going to end well for you; trust me when I tell you that,” according to reports from the Bakersfield Police Department. When she doesn’t lie still, he snaps, “Want me to put my leg in your neck?”

Amber told police she had surveillance cameras inside her apartment because one of her children suffers from a skin condition, so she monitors him so he doesn’t scratch himself. At the time of Ger’Mya’s fatal beating, Amber was working an overnight shift as a caregiver, leaving Clint, her boyfriend of five years, to care for the children. 

At one point during the videos, Clint attempted to turn the video camera away from himself, but because it was motion activated, it returned to its position and resumed recording the savage beating, which, in addition to the metal cane, also involved a belt. After the attack, Clint told police, Ger’Mya, understandably, could not walk upstairs to her bedroom, so he carried her. She also, he admitted, told him she felt sick and was having trouble breathing

Ger'Mya Alexander

When Clint checked on her around 5:00 AM, she wasn’t breathing. 

How hard do you have to hit a kid in the butt to fucking kill her?

At that point, Clint called Ger’Mya’s mother in tears. “You need to come home; something wrong with Mya,” Amber said Clint told her on the morning of March 18. “I don’t think she breathing; something wrong with her.”

When Amber arrived at home, her panicked boyfriend told her, “I can’t get in trouble for this. I don’t believe she’s breathing.”

Amber called 911 as Clint fled the apartment on foot. Ger’Mya was taken to Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, where, sadly, she was pronounced dead. 

After a short manhunt, Clint Mason was apprehended on March 19 at a Motel 6 in Inglewood. He has been charged with first-degree murder, torture, and willful cruelty to a child. If convicted, which seems inevitable considering the video evidence, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Clint Dammon Mason mugshot
Clint Mason’s creepy mugshot.
(Bakersfield Police Department)

Clint explained to police that he beat Ger’Mya to motivate her to do chores around the house after she failed to do her homework. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of a single instance in which beating a kid to death motivates them to do anything

The worthless asshole who stole a beloved little girl from her adoring family was arraigned on Friday, March 22. He has been held in the Lerdo Justice Facility in Bakersfield since March 19 with no bail. He is due again in court on June 3 for another hearing, and his jury trial has been scheduled to begin on July 6, 2020. 

There will be justice for Ger’Mya!

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