Case Update: More Info Has Been Released on Sex Abuse Charges Against Logan Cline’s Alleged Murderer

Logan Cline (family photo)
Logan Cline.

This tragic case just keeps getting worse and worse, and I honestly didn’t think it was possible.

Just to recap, the body of 11-year-old Logan Cline was found on February 27 in the trunk of an abandoned car in Wichita Falls, Texas. Police were led to this grisly discovery by the statement given by a woman in Las Vegas, Nevada during the investigation of a domestic violence complaint in which the woman, 37-year-old Stormy Johnson of Midland, Texas, alleged that on February 26, her boyfriend, 31-year-old Corey Trumbull, beat her with his fists as well as a pipe or a stick and choked and restrained her with a metal dog chain. 

Stormy Johnson
Stormy Johnson.

Stormy’s injuries certainly supported her claims. According to the original arrest report, “Stormy’s injuries included a broken right shoulder, broken left elbow, broken nose, broken middle finger, broken left pinky, broken right ankle, swollen and bruised eyes, and multiple swollen bumps on her face, swollen and bleeding upper and lower lips, swollen and severely bruised right thigh, swollen and bruised right elbow. At the time of the interview, she was scheduled to have multiple orthopedic surgeries to repair the broken bones. The radiologist noted that Stormy also had several other fractures that had healed.”

Corey Trumbull in 2018
Just wait until you hear what this allegedly evil POS has been up to.

Sounds like a healthy relationship, huh? (In case my sarcasm isn’t coming through loud and clear: No. No, it does not.)

Stormy and Corey had traveled from Wichita Falls to Las Vegas in early January and had been living out of their truck along with Stormy’s 15-year-old daughter and their three dogs. Their ultimate destination, according to arrest reports, was California.

During the domestic violence investigation, police interviewed Stormy, who ultimately told them what happened to her 11-year-old son, Logan, and where they would find his body. 

Logan Cline car crime scene in Wichita Falls TX
The grey Ford sedan (left) where Logan’s remains were discovered.
(Texoma’s Homepage)

Corey was arrested as a result of Stormy’s initial complaint and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and four felony charges, including first-degree kidnapping, domestic battery with a deadly weapon resulting in significant bodily harm, domestic battery by strangulation, and coercion constituting domestic violence using threat or physical force. After Logan’s body was discovered, Corey was also walloped with a charge of capital murder. Stormy was arrested on February 29, and she and Corey both face a charge of tampering with evidence in relation to hiding Logan’s body.

Corey and Stormy now face additional sex charges, as I reported on Thursday, but oh my God, you guys, the details make this so much worse than I thought. 

The additional charges against both Corey and Stormy that I already reported include possession of visual pornography of a person under 16, three charges of sexual assault against a child under 16, two charges of lewd acts committed by a person over 18 with a child of 14 or 15, and child abuse or neglect. 

NOW: Details have come out about these new charges, and you guys aren’t ready for this. I know I wasn’t. 

Corey Trumbull
Corey Trumbull.

Investigators say that Corey sexually preyed on “an underage girl” in Vegas and wanted to be in a polyamorous relationship. They also allege that Corey believes the white race is supreme.

Las Vegas arrest records state that Stormy and Corey met online, got together in Midland, and, as far as Corey was concerned, had “a good relationship.” While in Nevada, Corey begged for money on the Las Vegas Strip, Stormy did a lot of illicit drugs, and they drifted from hotel to hotel, living out of their truck in between. 

Reports from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department give nauseating details of investigators’ allegations against Corey of “statutory sex seduction by a person over 21” under Nevada’s statutory rape law. 

One allegation against Corey is that he committed statutory rape at a hotel in the 3700 block of Las Vegas Boulevard on January 22. 

The Las Vegas strip.
(Smart Auto Move)

On March 4, an alleged sexual assault victim was forensically interviewed at the Southern Nevada Children’s Assessment Center while observed by a detective. The girl told the interviewer that a lot had happened since she was last interviewed (likely right after her mother’s arrest), but, she said, “I try to forget about a lot of it.”

The girl told the interviewer that she met with a foster family, but she did not feel comfortable with them and opted not to live with them, because she doesn’t like to live with men she isn’t related to. She said things that happened in her past “changed the way she sees men,” such as waking up screaming while being inappropriately touched when, as a very young child, she lived in a double-wide trailer with her mother and other people.

She told the interviewer that she “regrets telling people things,” and that she has “moved on from it.”

Stormy Johnson in November of 2017. (Facebook)
Stormy Johnson in November of 2017.

A week later, a CPS investigator met with “a woman” (obviously Stormy Johnson) to take a recorded statement. The woman told the investigator that her drug use was “real heavy.” 

Regarding Corey, the woman said he told her he wanted a “poly” relationship, and she had no say in the matter. She also said Corey told her the white race is supreme and should multiply. She told the investigator that Corey and the underage victim began a sexual relationship “behind her back,” but she had to pretend she was fine with it because she was both afraid of and in love with Corey. 

(BRB, must vomit.)

“The woman” said she actually witnessed Corey having sex with the victim, but she could not intervene due to her fear of him. She said that once Corey began his “sexual relationship” with the girl — pardon me, but a man with a 15-year-old is not a relationship; THAT’S RAPE — she became an “outcast” who was “just there,” so she “just did more drugs,” dealing with Corey raping the girl by “getting more high.”

Sounds like a plan, Mom of the Year!

Corey Trumbull
Corey Trumbull in court.
(Times-Record News)

Next, Corey consented to a recorded interview with a detective, during which he was read his Miranda rights. He told the detective he met “the woman” online before dating her for eight to twelve months, and that they had a “good” relationship. He began to cry when he admitted to the detective that he had sex with the girl but didn’t remember the first time. 

(Breathe in… hold… breathe out. We can get through this, you guys.)

He told the detective that he and the woman had multiple “threesomes” with the underage victim, but he denied giving the woman methamphetamine. 

Sorry, but at this point, giving his girlfriend meth would’ve been far from the worst thing this walking slimebag did on any given day.

A DNA swab was taken from Corey’s mouth. 

After that, “the woman” was interviewed on tape again, this time by two LVMPD detectives, who read the woman her Miranda rights. She told them that Corey first posed the idea of having sex with the teenage victim as a joke. While the two of them smoked in the bathroom, Corey told her that “back in the Middle Ages, [victim]’s age would be like womanhood.”


The woman said that she told Corey “no,” but he replied that if he “wanted it, he would take it no matter what.” She “laughed it off,” because sure, that’s an appropriate reaction to your grown-ass boyfriend threatening to rape your teenage daughter.

Stormy Johnson in 2019
Stormy in 2019.

Corey later told the woman that he and the victim had “been together” several times and that she should “mind her own business.” She did not, however, remember if she had actually participated in the threesomes Corey claimed had happened, saying that because of her meth use, “my brain is not what it used to be.”

She told the detectives that she was mad at herself for not doing anything. Join the club, lady. The detectives told her that she had opportunities to intervene or report Corey’s crimes. At that point, she asked for an attorney, and detectives ended the interview.

Another interview of the young victim was conducted on March 12 by a CPS investigator. The girl said she had “caught feelings” for Corey and “fell for him,” saying they would “do the dirty” while they were in a relationship that she said had since ended. She referred to Corey as her best friend, who was “there for her.” 

How unbearably sad is that? The way alleged domestic abuser and child molester Corey Trumbull terrorized, manipulated, and groomed this little girl and her mother fills me with absolutely blind, burning rage. You know all the typical awful things people wish upon guys like him in jail? Would it be wrong to wish all that times one thousand on this creepy, racist, pedophilic, perverted waste of human skin (*ahem*, if he is convicted, of course)?

No one’s best friend: Corey Trumbull.
(Times-Record News)

According to police, a search warrant served on Corey’s truck turned up a camera that contained images of Corey participating in sex acts, as well as nude photos of two females, which Corey claimed someone else took. Because of all the things he’s accused of, taking naked photos is the one he won’t admit to?!

I swear, you guys… this story just keeps getting darker. I hope to God we’ve heard the worst of it now. pleasepleaseplease

One more thing before I end this post, however; I’d be willing to bet Corey’s disgusting, deviant desires have absolutely everything to do with Logan’s murder. My guess is that Corey thought of Logan as an obstacle to his ability to pull off his dream lifestyle, and that’s why the poor kid ended up dead in an abandoned car. 

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m terrified I might not be.

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Sources: Times Record-News, Facebook


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