Case Update: Alex Hurley’s 18-Year-Old Aunt, Madison Sasser, is FINALLY Arrested!

Alex Hurley.
(Daily Mail)

Finally: 18-year-old Madison Sasser has been arrested in connection with the death of her nephew, 12-year-old Alex Hurley. 

I just posted an update round-up on Alex’s case yesterday, but this news had not yet been released. I’m kind of glad, honestly, because it definitely deserves its own post.

Since this case broke, I (and pretty much everyone else who’s been following the story) have felt very strongly that Madison needed to face charges, as well. In my opinion, based on reports of the videos and text messages found on the Sasser family’s cell phones, she was just as involved in the abuse, both participating and doing nothing to stop it, as her father, James Sasser Jr. 

Go ahead and pout, you little shit: Madison Sasser’s mugshot.
(Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office)

Madison may not bear quite as much responsibility as Alex’s principal abusers — her brother, 14-year-old James Sasser III, or her mother, Patricia Batts — but she absolutely deserves to face the music for what she did and what she allowed to be done to the 12-year-old son of her deceased older half-brother, Tommy Tate.

On Thursday, March 19, Madison was arrested in Conroe, Texas on an out-of-state fugitive warrant accusing her of negligent homicide in Alex’s death. The warrant had been issued less than an hour prior to her arrest. She was transported to the Montgomery County Jail in Texas and is being held on $150,000 bail. 

Madison’s current luxurious, if temporary, accommodations.
(Daily Mail)

When initially questioned by investigators on February 3, when Alex was found dead in the Sasser home in West Yellowstone, Montana, Madison had plenty of knowledge of the “systematic torture” that had gone on in the home, and she spilled her guts to police. She told them that on February 1, a fight erupted between her 14-year-old brother and her 12-year-old nephew when Sasser III touched a heater while Alex was being duct taped to him. Sasser III began kicking and punching Alex in the head, and he had dented the wall by smashing Alex’s head into it, all in front of the rest of the family. 

James Alexander Alex Hurley
Alex Hurley.

More details have been released about the text messages Madison sent to her boyfriend confessing how she felt about the little boy. She told her boyfriend Alex was like “a piece of crap off of my fucking shoe” and that he “could fucking go and die in the woods and I wouldn’t fucking care.” She went on to tell her boyfriend that she would be the “one to talk in his funeral :)).”

I don’t generally mind my language while writing this blog, but right now, I’m censoring myself. The things I’m thinking about this “allegedly” narcissistic little shit should not be printed.

*slow, deep breaths*

Also during the same text conversation, Madison told her boyfriend, “I’m so heartless to him dude honestly. I beat the shit out of him just now.” She later added that she “beat the shit outta him my fucking hands hurt.”

Alicia Davis
Alicia Davis.
(Daily Mail)

Alex’s mother, Alicia Davis, spoke with the Daily Mail after Madison’s arrest. “She will get what’s coming to her just like the rest of them.”

“She shouldn’t have played a role in what happened to him. Maybe she should have called 911 and anonymously reported it; then she wouldn’t be looking at being a fresh 18-year-old going to jail.”

Alicia added, “This is another step forward to justice for [Alex].”

Madison, who had fled Montana and was hiding out at her 28-year-old sister Janette’s apartment in Texas, currently awaits extradition to Montana. According to the Daily Mail, Janette was taken completely by surprise by Madison’s arrest and refused to speak with reporters.

Madison Sasser with older sister Janette
Janette and Madison outside the older sister’s apartment building. (Facebook)

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