Case Update: Shy Ann Hentges Sentenced for Murdering 2-Month-Old Son, Eli Arispe-Hentges, in 2017

Eli Arispe Hentges.

After being found guilty of second-degree murder without intent during a bench trial in December of 2019, Minnesota monster mom Shy Ann Hentges (26) was sentenced on February 20.

Shy Ann, which is still the stupidest spelling of any name I’ve ever seen, was found guilty of the heinous killing of her two-month-old son, Eli Arispe Hentges, by throwing him forcefully into his crib, causing his head to hit the wall. After giving investigators conflicting accounts of the incident, she immediately shot to the top of their suspect list, especially after Eli’s autopsy came back. The Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office in Anoka County, Minnesota, ruled Eli’s death a homicide, stating that his injuries included two healing left-side rib fractures, bruises on the baby’s head, and two fatal skull fractures, including one in the facial area that measured 11 centimeters.  The report also noted possible asphyxia due to unsafe sleeping conditions.

Shy Ann Hentges.
(Isanti County)

This moron didn’t make it terribly difficult for investigators to find motive, either. Shy Ann texted her sister that she was having second thoughts about “keeping this kid” and complaining about lack of sleep; she also mentioned drug and alcohol use that took place after the baby was born.

After waiving her right to a jury trial and opting instead for a bench trial, Shy Ann was found guilty by Judge John Klossner on December 3, 2019 of second-degree murder without intent and remained behind bars on a $500,000 bond until her sentencing hearing in Isanti County District Court, which took place just days ago on February 20.

Dillon Arispe with baby Eli Arispe-Hentges
Eli with his daddy, Dillon Arispe.

Shy Ann was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison, but with credit for time in jail since her arrest, she will only serve the first 6.25 years in prison and the rest of the sentence on supervised release. 

Yeah… that’s it.

It doesn’t seem fair, and it sure as hell doesn’t seem like a long enough sentence to make up for what she did to her tiny baby boy, but I don’t make the rules.

We can only hope Shy Ann learns her lesson and spends the rest of her life trying to make up for her mistakes.

Sources: The Star Tribune

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