Case Update: Older Siblings of 3-Year-Old Christian Paz Removed from Mom’s Custody

Murdered Texas 3-year-old Christian Paz
Christian Paz.
(Hillier Funeral Home)

I have a couple of updates on the case of Christian Paz, the three-year-old Texas boy who died from blunt force trauma to the head after his mom’s boyfriend, Logan Harvill, babysat him while his mom, Sareh Lang, was at work. 

Before I get to those updates, however, I’d like to share an email I received this week from someone purporting to be close to the case.

Name: neighbor of christian paz
Message: I was searching to see if they charged the mother yet,and instead found this. From everything i witnessed the mother killed the fucking 3 year old you idiot. She neglected her son, i witnessed her.From my understanding the boyfriend was always at work and me being the neighbor who is almost always out side. How the fuck do you think you can get off writing this blog.What you should be writing is how the fuck can she be in a vehicle with her crack head brother smoking a blunt and her three year old is on the stairs struggling to come down and find mommy. When she is told that her 3 year old is on the stairs by her neighbors. Quote “It’s ok he does that all of the time.”

I’ll let Betty White speak for me.

Sounds like I touched a nerve, huh? My initial reaction when I read the email was to respond as follows:

Hello! I can only write an article using the information I can obtain via online research, except when a source reaches out to me. I apologize if I offended you by neglecting to mention the information you alleged in your email, but that information did not come up in my search for details. I do a great deal of research when writing these posts, and I am most certainly not an idiot, but if you have information you would like me to include in an update post, I’ll be more than happy to take a look. 

Thanks for reading,

Christian Paz and his mother Sareh Hope Lang
Christian and his mom, Sareh.
(Hillier Funeral Home)

The second I sent the email, however, it bounced back, and only then did I notice that the sender had not included a name or a valid email address to which I could respond. Well, that’s helpful! If the sender is reading this, I’m not sure how you think a blogger living a couple thousand miles away from where this crime took place should instinctively know intimate details about a family she never met, but (as my teenager says) go off, I guess. If you have further information you’d like this “idiot” blogger to write about, please feel free to contact me with an actual, working email address. Otherwise, I’ll continue researching the way I usually do, and that’s “how the fuck” I think I can “get off writing this blog.” 

Thanks for your input, anonymous stranger!


Anyway, on to the legitimate updates in this case. Christian’s memorial service was held over the weekend. Hillier Funeral Home, located in Bryan, Texas, did a wonderful job of honoring this precious, beloved three-year-old boy.

A fundraiser was held at Wheel’s Tavern in Bryan to benefit Jennifer and her husband, Kris, who have been caring for Sareh’s two older children since Christian’s death. Sareh’s sister created a GoFundMe to benefit Christian’s siblings; that campaign has since surpassed $5,500 in donations and has been disabled.

As I reported in my original article, Sareh has two other children, a pair of twin boys, but according to Jennifer, the twins live in Abilene, Texas and not in San Antonio with Sareh and her other kids. 

On February 19, Sareh appeared in court regarding custody of the two oldest children, because attorneys for the children say that while she has not been charged in the case, she knew her children were being abused by her boyfriend. Logan Harvill is accused of abusing all three of the children in the home on January 27. 

“Mom was at work. She came home; she knew the kids got beaten up,” said Alana Pearsall, attorney for the two surviving children. “The older brother was bleeding when she came home. She patched up the blood and went back to work, and that’s when the three-year-old was murdered.”

It is unclear if Sareh will face charges in the case. She has been granted supervised visits with her son and daughter three times a month. In the meantime, the children remain in the care of their grandparents, Jennifer and Kris. 

Click here for my ongoing coverage of Christian’s case.

All of the photos in the slideshow below are courtesy of Hillier Funeral Home unless otherwise noted.

  • Christian Paz
  • Christian and Connie Paz
  • Christian Paz as a baby
  • Christian Paz
  • Christian Paz
  • Christian Paz
  • Christian Paz and his father, Brian Lockhart
  • Baby Christian Paz
  • Christian Paz sleeping
  • Christian Paz
  • Baby Christian Paz
  • Christian Paz
  • Christian Paz and his mother, Sareh Hope Lang.
  • Christian Paz
  • Christian Paz and a kitten
  • Christian Paz and a little dog
  • Christian Paz and his mother, Sarah Hope Lang
  • Christian Paz and his grandmother Jennifer Owens
  • Christian Paz and his mother Sareh Hope Lang
  • Sareh Hope Lang and her son, Christian Paz
  • Sareh Hope Lang and her son, Christian Paz

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