Case Update: Brock Kimsey’s Mom, Beverly Hueston, Has Quite a History

Brock Kimsey
Sweet baby Brock.

I’m sure you remember of three-month-old Brock Kimsey, who was hospitalized on January 16 after his mother’s boyfriend punched him repeatedly in the head, inflicting several severe injuries. As of last week, Brock’s condition was stable.

Before I get into anything else, most importantly, according to an anonymous source close to the investigation, DCFS in Gaffney, South Carolina said yesterday that Brock is doing better! I’m thrilled to hear that, since I’ve heard nothing but radio silence since that last update.

In a recent post about Beverly Hueston, Brock’s 24-year-old mother, I mentioned two active warrants hanging over Beverly’s head in regard to two criminal charges of child/vulnerable adult abuse in Arizona in 2017.

Beverly in 2014 in the least-filtered selfie she may ever have posted on social media.

My source, who is not the same person who provided me the initial tip about Beverly’s warrants, had quite a bit of background information on Beverly’s sordid history. First, though, I want to make a couple of quick corrections to some details in the aforementioned post.

  • Beverly was not married in May of 2016; she merely applied for a marriage license with her then-boyfriend, who was from Utah, not Arizona. They ended up breaking off their engagement.
  • Beverly had two children (not three) prior to moving to South Carolina, where Brock was born.
  • Brock is currently in the custody of the South Carolina Department of Child Safety, not DCS of Arizona.

These changes have been notated by strikethrough (strikethrough) in the post linked above.

All of the information below was provided by my anonymous source, who knows Beverly personally.

Beverly with her daughter in July of 2014.

Beverly gave birth to her first child, a daughter, in May of 2013 when she was 17 years old and married to the baby’s father. In October of 2013, Beverly, who was living at her mother’s house in Arizona with her infant daughter (to whom I will refer as “Daughter”), got into a fight with her mother, Michelle Morse, who kicked Beverly and the baby out of the house. At the time, Beverly was dating a man from Utah (let’s call him “Ex-Boyfriend”), who, along with his parents, allowed her and her daughter to move in with them. During the time she lived in Utah with Boyfriend’s family, Beverly divorced her husband; she also gave birth to a second child, a boy (heretofore referred to as “Son”), who was fathered by Ex-Boyfriend.

“Beverly is not a good mother,” my source told me. “All she cares about is playing on her phone on Facebook.”

(Author’s note: Considering I have personally seen no less than five Facebook profiles for this woman, I can imagine it would take her some time to maintain such a social media presence.)

These are just the five I saw; God knows there may be more. (Yes, she spelled her own name wrong in one of them.)
Beverly Hueston with her first two children
Beverly and her kids in August of 2015.

In the spring of 2016, Beverly and Ex-Boyfriend got an apartment together and moved out of his parents’ house with both children. The two were engaged to be married, and in May of 2016, they applied for a marriage license. The same month, Ex-Boyfriend caught Beverly chatting with other men and confronted her about it, ultimately leaving the apartment for the night with Son. Ex-Boyfriend was unable to take Daughter, because, as Beverly taunted him, the little girl was not his. The following day, Ex-Boyfriend and Beverly decided to work things out for the kids.

The day after their reunion, Ex-Boyfriend returned home from work to find Beverly, Daughter, and Son were gone. She had taken the children and fled to Arizona, where they moved in with Beverly’s mother, Michelle, and grandmother, Maryann.

“Beverly filed restraining orders on both her ex husband and [Ex-Boyfriend] by telling lies,” my source said. “Beverly is a habitual liar. She [said] horrible things about [her ex-husband] that turned out to be lies.”

Beverly Hueston in a wedding dress
Ex-Boyfriend may have dodged a bullet: Beverly trying on wedding dresses in 2016.
(Anonymous source)
Beverly Hueston holding infant son in 2015
Beverly holding her infant son in 2015.
(Anonymous source)

In June of 2016, the Utah courts ordered Beverly to bring Son to Utah for a custody hearing. At the time, she was staying with the family of a man she met on Facebook, who she was currently dating. This man’s family gave Beverly the money for her trip to Utah for the court hearing, after which, Beverly told them, her father would pay them back.

They never saw that money.

Beverly stayed with the family for three days, during which the new Facebook boyfriend took her out shopping and to get her nails done. He even gave her a ride to the airport. Immediately afterward, Beverly unfriended and blocked him on Facebook.

Bevery Hueston's older son with a black eye in 2016
Beverly’s son with a black eye.
(Anonymous source)

At the court hearing in Utah, the judge granted Ex-Boyfriend joint custody of the couple’s son, ordering Beverly to hand the little guy over to Ex-Boyfriend. According to their agreement, they would exchange custody of their son every two weeks.

“That was the last day Beverly saw her son,” said my source.

When my source saw Son shortly after the exchange, the little boy had a black eye and was so dehydrated that even though he was crying, he could not produce actual tears.

On the day of the court hearing, while Beverly discussed the matter of custody of her son, DCS was at her home in Arizona, taking her daughter into custody. The four-year-old girl’s main concern was that her brother, who was staying with his father’s family, was kept safe; how heartbreaking is that?

Beverly Hueston and her daughter in June of 2014
Beverly and her daughter in June of 2014. (Facebook)

The reasons Beverly’s daughter was taken away were as follows:

  • Daughter had become malnourished while in Beverly’s care, shrinking from a size 3 to a size 2.
  • The home where Beverly and her daughter lived was utterly filthy, and there was animal feces all over the house.
  • Beverly’s autistic younger brother was physically abusive to the children; he was the cause of Son’s black eye, and Daughter reported he had also punched her in the head. He had even threatened to cut the children’s throats.
Beverly Hueston in 2015 without makeup
Crikey! It’s Beverly in her natural state in 2015: without makeup!
(Anonymous source)

“This is the kind of environment that Beverly puts her kids in,” my source lamented.

Beverly’s outstanding warrants in Arizona, in fact, stem from an incident in which her brother physically attacked Daughter after Beverly had been warned to keep the children away from him. She, in turn, assaulted her brother. This earned her two criminal charges of child/vulnerable adult abuse.

The day after the custody hearing, Ex-Boyfriend’s family received a phone call from DCS in Arizona, informing them that Daughter was in state custody and that both children were in danger. They were told that if Son was returned to Arizona, he, too, would be taken into state custody.

Beverly did what she was required to do and regained custody of Daughter, but before long, DCS took the girl away again. The second time, Beverly first asked Ex-Boyfriend’s family to adopt her daughter, which they were willing to do, but when they didn’t offer to take Beverly in as well, she stopped speaking with them. She then tried to convince DCS to allow her father, David Hodge, to take custody of her daughter, but because of whatever turned up on the background check DCS ran on him, he was disqualified. Next, Beverly tried to have her daughter placed with Donna Smith, who is her father’s girlfriend and the woman present with Beverly in her recent WSPA TV interview (embedded below).

However, because DCS discovered that Beverly had lied when she told them Donna did not live with David, they also disallowed Donna from taking custody of Daughter. Beverly essentially gave up and moved to South Carolina to live with her father, effectively abandoning both of her children.

Holy filter, Batman: Beverly in April of 2017.

Daughter and Son are now in the permanent custody of their respective fathers, Daughter in Arizona and Son in Utah. The children have a close relationship, and fortunately, so do their fathers’ families; the children have frequent visits together, both in Utah and in Arizona.

By her own choice, Beverly has no contact with either of her first two children. She was ordered to pay child support, but she hasn’t paid a penny and now owes upwards of $8,000.00 for Son alone.

“I don’t believe that Beverly is involved with any physical harm to her baby,” said my source about Brock’s recent injuries, “but I do believe that because Bev is so into herself… she put her baby into this situation.”

My source was quite adamant about one point: “…She has no business having kids.”

When I remarked on the vast differences between Beverly’s stylized Facebook profile shots and the photos taken of her without makeup, my source replied, “She has a magic camera… I have no idea how her pics look so good when she doesn’t look anything like them.”

That’s the magic of filters!

Brock Kimsey as a newborn
Brock shortly after birth in October of 2019.

My source told me they chose to disclose this information to me because “People need to know the truth before something [worse] happens… Now 3 kids have been through hell and for what? Because [of] a mother who has always been obsessed with teen mom and wanted to live that life,” but that Beverly “refuses to acknowledge the responsibility that goes with having kids. All she has ever wanted was the attention and she obviously has not changed at all.”

In light of this information, I can’t help hoping South Carolina DCS retains custody of Brock for the foreseeable future, or at the very least places him in the care of a responsible, nurturing family.

Click here for my ongoing coverage of Brock’s case.

  • Beverly Hueston in 2015
  • Beverly Hueston in 2015
  • Beverly Hueston in 2019
  • Beverly Hueston in May 2019
  • Beverly Hueston in 2015
  • Beverly Hueston in January 2020 without makeup

Sources: Facebook, anonymous source

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