Case Update: RheaLeigh Webber is Reportedly Doing Well Living With Great-Aunt; Meanwhile, Mom Chellsea is… Something Else

RheaLeigh Webber
Sweet little RheaLeigh.

This isn’t a huge update, because it’s next to impossible to find current info on RheaLeigh Webber, the four-month-old girl from Kentucky whose dad, Robert Webber, allegedly shook her so violently he caused her bleeding on the brain, broken ribs, and a skull fracture.

Friend of the blog Jonathan Jones, whose investigation of RheaLeigh’s case and his persistence in exposing as much information about the matter as possible was a huge help in writing my original post, has obtained a recent photo of the baby and says she’s doing well. While he has promised not to post the photo online, he assures me that RheaLeigh is “healthy, smiling, and beautiful! I’m proud of her! She’s a little warrior!”

Thank goodness for that! RheaLeigh was scheduled to leave the hospital on Monday, and by all indications, it appears she did just that. She and her 19-month-old brother are currently being cared for by their Great Aunt Kathy McCord Williams, who is the aunt of their mother, Chellsea Webber. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am that the kids are in a safe home with stable, loving relatives.

Kathy has an active fundraiser on Facebook, where she has raised half of her goal of $1,000, as well as an Amazon wish list. She is asking for donations of any kind, monetary or otherwise, to help her and her husband get the kids settled into their new home. So far, they have received a lot of help, including a crib, diapers, toys, and clothes. The generosity of strangers never fails to bolster my faith in humanity!

Robert Webber's 2020 mug shot
Robert Webber.
(Bourbon County Detention Center)

Robert, who is being held on a charge of first-degree assault with a $15,000 bond, has reportedly been moved from the Bourbon County Detention Center to an undisclosed facility after receiving death threats. Well, I mean… that’s pretty mild considering what he’s accused of doing. Most of the gentlemen you’d encounter behind bars do not take kindly to those who harm children in any way.

And finally… there’s Chellsea. Phew. This girl is a character. First, she was offended by the fact that I had included her address, which is public information, in my original post. She took to the blog’s Facebook page, saying that if I didn’t take down my post, she would tattle on me to Detective Jett “cause your interfering with an open investigation” (spelling and grammatical errors are not mine). She also called me a “dumbass,” because evidently, she’s never heard of hypocrisy.

Besides all that, I wasn’t even the first (or the biggest) source that included her address in my reporting! News station WKYT blasted it across the airwaves during the intro to the interview Chellsea herself gave them.

Address redacted, of course, because Mama didn’t raise no dumbass.

A couple of readers, clearly over Chellsea’s fuckery, let her have it in the comments.

*sniffle* My heart is full, you guys.

Chellsea is certainly keeping us on our toes. Jonathan Jones pointed out that she’s currently shilling her shit on Facebook.

Daaaaamn. Looks like her prospective buyers are over it, too. And thanks to Jonathan for the shout out!
(Jonathan Jones/Facebook)

The couch isn’t the end of it, either; here’s some of the other random crap she’s peddling.

Anyone ISO a minging old coffee maker or the orig Spider-Man trilogy on DVD? Emo Peter Parker, anyone? …No?

She’s also been busy on TikTok, deleting all of her videos that didn’t feature her children. She did, however, post a new one in which she lip-syncs a line from a song — “I think you fucked me up” — and then zooms in on her eyeball as she strains to push out a tear with underwhelming results. This clip seems to be dedicated to Robert, judging by the hashtags “#brokenheart” and “#separatedmarriage.”

If you squint, you may see a hint of moisture in the lower lash region.

I honestly can’t decipher the actual state of their relationship based on the mixed messages she’s giving out online, because pretty much immediately after losing custody of her kids, Chellsea posted these photos of her and Robert.

Chellsea Webber posts lovey dovey pictures of her supposedly estranged husband Robert
(Jonathan Jones/Facebook)
Chellsea Webber's LiveMe stream
Kilroy was here.

Jonathan Jones captured part of Chellsea’s LiveMe stream yesterday, in which she fiddles with her hair while discussing her current situation. “Papi’s not in the picture anymore. Yeah, it was kinda his fault. Long story short, we found out that he was abusing our daughter, and I had no idea that he was doing it, so now he’s in jail, so… so my story’s like very popular over in this area right now. It’s like one of the top stories over in my area right now.”

(Weird flex, but ok.)

She goes on to admit in the video that she, too, lost custody when Robert was charged. She tries to shore up her alibi by insisting she had no idea that her four-month-old daughter was suffering from painful and even life-threatening injuries, because “every time that I was around her, she was always so happy, so I never knew that she was injured… if I would have suspected something, I would have took her to the doctor, obviously…”

(Yes, most would think this was an obvious conclusion to reach, but you can never be too certain when it comes to the parents I write about.)

Below is the video Jonathan captured.

When it comes to Robert’s family, it appears there’s no love lost between the Webber clan and the accused’s estranged wife.

Connie and Chellsea Webber comments on Facebook

And what’s a girl to do when she loses custody of her kids and sees her husband locked up? Well, if you’re Chellsea Webber, you take over your estranged husband’s Facebook profile, apparently. You also post some sweet selfies, because… I just don’t even know, you guys.

  • Chellsea Webber took over Robert's Facebook page
  • Chellsea Webber selfie
  • Chellsea Webber selfie
  • Chellsea Webber selfie
  • Chellsea Webber selfie with RheaLeigh

Click here for my ongoing coverage of RheaLeigh’s case.

Sources: Jonathan Jones, Facebook, TikTok

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