Case Update: News About Brock Kimsey’s Medical Condition

As I discovered last week, updates on Brock’s medical condition are scarce, but I did come across one this morning.

Brock Kimsey 1-26-20 update

At least we know the little guy is stable, which makes it sound like his condition is no longer listed as critical. That’s progress! Stay tough, little man — you have a lot of people around the world thinking about you and praying for you!

In other Brock-related news, his mother, Beverly Hueston, appears to have reactivated her Facebook page. Her profile picture bears little resemblance to her appearance on the news after Brock was injured.

There were a couple adorable photos of Brock that we haven’t seen yet, as well. What a precious little doll-baby he is.

Brock Kimsey collage

I’ll post more as I find updates on Brock’s condition or his case. Click here for my coverage on Brock’s story.

Source: Facebook

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