Case Update: Brock Kimsey’s Mother Has Outstanding Warrants in Arizona

Brock Kimsey sleeping in a yellow knit hat
Three-month-old Brock Kimsey.

Well, this is interesting.

I’ve posted a few times in the last several days about baby Brock Kimsey, who was brought to the ER on Thursday, January 16th suffering from severe injuries to his brain, larynx, and ribs. His mother’s boyfriend, 20-year-old Justin Keith Crowe, was arrested after police say he confessed to punching the baby repeatedly in the head; he was released on bail yesterday with a GPS tracking device.

According to an anonymous source close to the investigation, Beverly Rose Hueston, Brock’s 24-year-old mother, has a few skeletons in the closet. Beverly, who was married in Arizona obtained a marriage license in May of 2016 to a then-22-year-old Utah man named Johnathon Hueston, has as many as three two other children who still live in Arizona. She also has outstanding criminal charges against her. My source provided the following information, which I verified on the Arizona Judicial Branch’s public access website.

Beverly Hueston's criminal court case in Arizona
(Arizona Judicial Branch public access website)

I also confirmed via the Mohave County Superior Court website that the warrants are still active.

Beverly Hueston's active warrant(s) from the Mohave County Superior Court website
(Mohave County Superior Court)
Mother Beverly Hueston
Beverly Rose Hueston.

Unfortunately, several hours of searching have yielded nothing more in regard to these criminal charges. However, my source told me that Brock, who is still recovering in the hospital, is in the custody of the Arizona South Carolina Department of Child Safety (DCS), and Beverly has not been to see him in the hospital since Thursday, when she initially brought him to the emergency room. This may be due to her outstanding warrants, or it may be because the investigation into Brock’s injuries is ongoing.

David Brock Kimsey

Evidently, South Carolina was in no rush to arrest Beverly and extradite her to Arizona to face her criminal charges. I have to wonder if this complicated situation has something to do with why it’s next to impossible to find updates on Brock’s case, and why none of the news stations that covered it initially have made a peep about it since.

According to my source, Beverly and Justin have dated off and on for about a year and a half, and although she told hospital staff that Justin is Brock’s father, a DNA test to determine Brock’s paternity is pending.

If anyone has further information, please send me an email or a Facebook message.

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