Case Update: Brock Kimsey’s Attacker Released on Bail

Brock Kimsey in his car seat with a pacifier
Brock Kimsey.

According to public updates from friends and family on Facebook, three-month-old Brock Kimsey, who was severely injured last Thursday when his mother’s boyfriend, Justin Keith Crowe, punched him repeatedly in the head, is “doing great” but still has a long road ahead of him.

Brock suffered brain swelling, bleeding on the brain, several broken ribs, and a crushed larynx. As of yesterday, his ventilator had been removed, and he was breathing on his own.

Justin babysat Brock for a grand total of about 30 minutes, which means he lost his patience with the crying infant and inflicted life-threatening injuries in less time than it takes to run a load of laundry through the washer. Single moms take heed: just because you’re dating someone does not make him qualified or acceptable to care for your precious children, even for a short time. Trust needs to be earned, especially when it comes to your babies. Please understand, however, that I am in no way directing judgment at Brock’s mother, Beverly Hueston. I wish her nothing but the best, and I’m sure she has learned a painful lesson over the past week.

Justin Keith Crowe's mug shot
The confessed baby puncher.
(Gaffney Police Department)

As for Justin, the Gaffney Police Department confirmed he has made bail, and he was reportedly released last night on home monitoring with a GPS tracking device.

I find it very strange that local news outlets covered the initial story but have not provided a single update since. I have reached out to reporter Skylar Mitchell, who initially covered the story for The Gaffney Ledger, for any available update.

Understandably, the Gaffney Police Department was unable to provide an update on Brock’s medical condition.

Sources: Facebook, Gaffney Police Department

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