Case Update: Zaiden Javonovich’s Baby Brother, Tai, is Home For Good!

Adorable little Tai in a photo posted today.

I can’t tell you guys how excited I am to report something positive!

This weekend, I heard from Julius “Juice” Casura, the biological father of baby Tai, who was found alive and cooing but malnourished, abused, and neglected in his crib at the same time Wichita police discovered the bound, emaciated body of his two-year-old brother, Zaiden Javonovich.

When this all went down in April of 2019, Tai was only four months old and weighed a mere eight pounds, which is half the weight of an average four month old boy. Tai, who was born with marijuana in his system but not taken away from his mother, Brandi Marchant, for some unfathomable reason, was also found to be suffering from a severe diaper rash, genital infection, and several injuries due to alleged abuse, including healing rib fractures, a swollen left jaw, and bruising on his left ear.

Well, great news! Juice reports that Tai, who celebrated his first birthday on November 20, 2019, has made a full recovery and is doing remarkably well, especially considering everything he has endured. He reports that Tai is “all over the house… He is a very very very happy baby. Unbelievably happy for what he’s been through. He’s always got a smile on his face and laughing.”

Juice and Tai in January of 2020.

Juice, the father of six, is raising three of his kids on his own, which is, unfortunately, an exception to the norm. To him, however, it’s just the way things should be. “I’m just doing what’s right by my children. They are my greatest creations.”

And now he can do that for Tai full-time, because as of last week, Tai is officially reintegrated with Julius and his family! The fight isn’t over yet, as Julius still has to attend court to begin the permanency process to finalize custody, but it appears that the biggest hurdles have been overcome.


Juice told me, “God gives us glorious gifts. He never gives us anything that we can’t handle. All I can do is provide the life that they deserve.”

I’m so happy for little Tai, who started out life in the worst possible environment but will now grow up surrounded by siblings who adore him and a daddy who loves and cherishes him the way he deserves. Considering the outcomes of most of the stories I cover, it’s wonderful to be able to provide an update that fills my heart with pure joy once in a while.

Best of luck to Juice and his beautiful family!

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Sources: Facebook, Julius “Juice” Casura

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  1. Thank you I love this happy ending for THai. I have tried to find out more about Zaydens story with not luck until today that I stumble on your site. Please keep this work of awareness and honor for the little victims.

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