Case Update: Julia Tomlin’s Trial for Murder of 2-Year-Old Noah Scheduled

Noah Tomlin holding a ball while sitting in a Bumbo baby seat
Little Noah Tomlin.
(WUSA 9)

A trial date has been set for accused murderer Julia Tomlin.

During a court hearing on the morning of Friday, January 10, Judge Michael Gaten scheduled a jury trial to take place in Hampton Circuit Court from March 9 through 13. Julia Tomlin faces charges of second-degree murder, child abuse, unlawful disposal of a dead body, and three separate counts of child neglect in regard to three of her children at the time of Noah’s death: two-year-old Noah, then three-year-old Sam, and then six-month-old Cheyenne.

Julia Tomlin, mother of Noah Tomlin, in her mug shot
Julia Tomlin’s inarguably hilarious/pathetic mug shot.
(Hampton Police Department)

Julia reported Noah missing the morning of June 24, 2019. She was arrested a few days later, and the toddler’s body was discovered amongst tons of trash at the local steam plant. According to reports from the state medical examiner’s office, including the autopsy report and the report of an anthropologist involved due to the disarticulated, decomposing state of Noah’s partial remains, Noah died from homicide caused by blunt force trauma to the head and was a victim of battered child syndrome, which indicates non-accidental trauma and abuse over a period of time.

When interviewed while Noah was still considered missing, Julia confessed to FBI agent Liza Ludovico that while she nodded off on heroin, Noah hit his head and drowned in the bathtub.

Investigators discovered suspected blood stains on several items in Julia’s home, including a shirt, a wall, and a bedsheet that was discovered shoved halfway down in the kitchen trash can.

Althea Meese.

Julia’s attorney is a public defender named Althea Mease, who told Judge Gaten that she was seeking a bench trial, meaning Julia’s case would be decided by a judge without a jury present. Commonwealth’s attorney Anton Bell told the judge that the prosecution would prefer a jury trial, and because one side requested such, Julia’s case would be decided by a jury.

Julia Tomlin is being held without bond in the Hampton Roads Regional Jail. Her trial will begin at 9:00 AM on Monday, March 9, 2020.

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Sources: The Daily Press, 13NewsNow

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