Case Update: Trial Begins Tomorrow for Parents of Dylan Groves

Sweet little Dylan.
(Justice for Dylan Facebook group)

Tomorrow morning, jury selection will begin in Ohio’s Scioto County Court for the murder trial of Daniel Groves (41) and Jessica Groves (39), the parents of Dylan Groves, the baby found at the bottom of a well last June.

You may remember that Dylan was born in January 2019 with drugs in his system, at which time Scioto County Children’s Services removed him from his parents’ custody and put him in foster care. He was returned far too soon into Daniel’s custody, and shortly thereafter, Daniel stopped cooperating with caseworkers or showing up at court appearances. Dylan was effectively missing until June 2019, when investigators finally discovered his tiny body at the bottom of a well, riddled with bone fractures and concealed in plastic bags wrapped in duct tape, then placed inside two milk crates weighted down with an anchor-type weight and rocks, the crates secured with chains, padlocks, zip ties, and metal wires. The autopsy revealed Dylan also had meth and other amphetamines in his system at the time of his death, which occurred when he was approximately two months old, according to the medical examiner.

Jessica tried pleading not guilty by reason of insanity, but a judge shot that down in September and declared her competent to stand trial, so her attorney changed her plea to not guilty.

Cry me a river, Jessica. Or enough to fill a well, maybe.
(13 WOWK)

Daniel and Jessica, who are being tried together, face a slew of charges relating to Dylan’s death, including aggravated murder, murder, interference with custody (because “the child died while kept from children services”), kidnapping, endangering children, gross abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence, and felonious assault.

Tomorrow’s jury selection will kick of a five-day jury trial. I will provide updates as I learn them. Click here for my previous and ongoing coverage of Dylan’s case.

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