Premature Jazmine Rose Robin Dies at 10 Weeks Old With 96 Fractures in Her Tiny Body

Jazmine Rose Robin.

First of all, please forgive me for the lack of images of the victim in this post; scouring the web, even trawling the parents’ and extended family’s public Facebook posts, yielded next to no photographic evidence of this sweet baby girl’s existence.

All the more reason to despise her useless parents, TBH.

The precious little muffin pictured here is Jazmine Rose Robin, who was born 11 weeks premature in Houston, Texas on April 30, 2018 and died there on July 15 of the same year, allegedly thanks to her abusive piece of crap father and neglectful waste of space mother.

You guys ready for this?

A typically marijuana-flavored post by these two morons.
I hope Jason is wearing that t-shirt ironically.
(CTV News)

This clusterfuck began as a teen romance around January of 2015. Think Romeo and Juliet, only instead of the star-crossed lovers ending up dead, they end up (allegedly) murdering one of their children. When 16-year-old Katharine “Kat” Wyndham White began dating almost-20-year-old Jason Paul Robin Jr., they immediately launched into a passionate relationship, declaring each other their “ride or die” within a couple weeks’ span. Throughout 2015, Jason seemed unable to stay out of trouble; he was charged with three separate misdemeanor crimes throughout the year.

  • January 10 – He was charged with theft between $50 and $500.
  • May 8 – He faced charges of failing to provide identification or providing false identification to a police officer.
  • November 26 – He was slapped with a totally unsurprising charge of possession of marijuana under 2 ounces.
But I wonder how they feel about smoking pot…?

It looks like despite his myriad legal issues, Jason was attempting to clean up his act. Oh, wait. No, he wasn’t.

Note the vicious comments from strangers. This is why you lock down your privacy settings, people.

For her part, Kat, who had evidently dropped out of high school in 2014 and had been job-hopping between fast food restaurants ever since, spent a lot of 2015 posting cryptic self-motivational quotes (accompanied by a bevy of trashy selfies) on Facebook, as it seems the man she dubbed “my love” was facing some jail time. She did promise to wait for him, which is noble. Of course, that didn’t stop this sort of treachery:

Damn. Andrew is savage. (Note: on another post, Kat told Andrew to private message her, so there’s that.)

And we also have this type of tomfoolery:

She IS TOO naked, or I’ll buy a hat just so I can eat it.

Evidently, they planned to marry at some point (and apparently to incorporate their favorite hobby into their nuptials).

Keeping it classy, guys.

By the beginning of 2016, Kat was pregnant with their first child. Not her first child, mind you; back in 2012, at the insanely young age of 14, Kat gave birth to a baby girl who was adopted by a loving family. To protect that child’s privacy, I won’t publish her name. Based on posts from Kat’s Facebook page, the adoptive couple often met with Kat to allow her to remain a part of their daughter’s life. Now those are good people. I bet they’re regretting all that bonding time now, though, considering how things turned out.

“Hacking each other’s shit” seemed to be a frequent pastime for these two stoners.
A wholesome little family.

Jason and Kat’s first child together, a little boy, was born on August 1, 2016. They seemed enamored with their newborn son from the start. They took and posted photo after photo of him in various situations and poses, documenting his growth in photographs as if they could never tire of his precious little face. You know, the way it should be.

This would not the case with the next baby.

A little over a year later, Kat was pregnant again. This time, the pregnancy only lasted 29 weeks before Jazmine Rose Robin was born prematurely on April 30, 2018. She was so tiny and frail that she was required to be housed in an incubator for some time. She spent several weeks in the hospital before she was well enough to go home; on July 3, Jazmine, now hale and hearty, was released to her parents.

One of the only photos I could find of sweet little Jazmine.

Only eleven days later, on July 14, Jason and Kat brought Jazmine to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, saying the baby was acting “weird” and refusing some of her feedings, although it was obvious there was a lot more wrong than the parents were reporting. The following day, Jazmine’s tiny body gave up the fight, and she died before she even reached eleven weeks of age.

Staff at the hospital took note of Jazmine’s “clearly inflicted head trauma” and contacted detectives from the Houston Police Department’s Special Victims Division, who interviewed the parents and their three adult roommates. Among the knowledge bombs dropped on investigators:

  • About a week prior to Jasmine’s death, Jason and Kat had to give Jazmine CPR at home because she stopped breathing. Once she regained consciousness, they reportedly opted not to take her to the hospital (!!). One male roommate noticed Jazmine’s hard and shallow breathing, as well as her inability thereafter to take a bottle or to sleep properly, and said he told the couple repeatedly “for two or three days” that they should take her to the hospital; still they refused. At one point, Kat told the roommate she was too tired to take the baby to the hospital and was going to take a nap instead.
  • The same friend told police that Jason loved his daughter “to death and would not leave her side for the whole week.” (Well, yeah. He was probably worried about the charges he would face if she died.)
  • On July 10, the couple took Jazmine to her pediatrician, who noticed bruising around her eyes and advised them to take her to the emergency room, but they “expressed no interest.” Jason explained to the doctor that the bruising was from CPR and choking on a bottle, and they told the doctor they would simply take Jazmine home to recover.
  • Two of the roommates told investigators they noticed the baby had a black eye, bruising on her arms, and “too much blood” coming from her tongue.
  • Kat tried to blame Jazmine’s brain injury on the hospital personnel who attempted to save her life by performing CPR for an hour. She also later told authorities that a female roommate was probably to blame for Jazmine’s injuries. The woman later told investigators that she never provided care for the baby while living at the residence.
If you look closely, you can see bluish bruising in the corners of Jazmine’s eyes. Heartbreaking. Kat posted this photo after Jazmine died.

Jason and Kat gave the following account of how the day before Jazmine’s death went down. The morning of July 14, Jason, who proclaimed himself a stay-at-home dad (and not just an unemployed loser like many other people in his life seemed to opine), awoke to feed the baby at 2:00 am, but she at first refused the bottle, trying to push it out with her tongue. After feeding for nine minutes, she suddenly went limp, so Jason said he performed mouth to mouth on her and pumped her tiny chest, after which she recovered and seemed normal. He said she then fell asleep “smooth, fast, faster than I ever seen.” Jason woke later that morning and noticed Jazmine was acting strangely, so he asked Kat to come home early from work. Eventually, they took her to the hospital that afternoon.

One of their roommates told police that after Jazmine died, Kat asked him to move the baby’s rocker, saying she would be sad if it was still there when she returned from the hospital. Upon moving the rocker, the roommate found a good deal of blood on it. “He was told that this blood came from the baby’s tongue, and he thought it was too much blood to come from the baby’s tongue,” read court documents, which also state that Jason “admitted getting really mad” at the baby at times. He said her crying made his ears ring “all the way to kingdom come” in a way that “got to [his] anger points.” However, he claimed he didn’t “do heavy hand” and wouldn’t hit his child, “but if even for a second [he] wanted to, she is too beautiful to hit.” He said when he did get angry, he would instead slam doors and punch the grass outside. You know, like how normal people beat up their front lawns?

The pot smoking, murderous lovebirds in February 2019.

Because infant autopsies take a significantly longer time to complete than those of adult victims, investigators did not receive the results of Jazmine’s autopsy for over ten months. In the meantime, life went on for Kat and Jason. Within a month or so of their baby’s murder, they were pregnant yet again. For some reason, they seem to have taken more photos of Kat’s pregnancy this time around than they did when she was pregnant with Jazmine. They also continued snapping dozens of photos of their son. (Side note: I truly hope the little guy doesn’t suffer any kind of survivor’s guilt in the future. This sometimes happens with the favored child in a scapegoating situation, otherwise known as the Cinderella effect, which I have covered in posts about previous cases.)

They also became officially engaged in October. *gag*

Well, isn’t that special.

Jason posted this heartwarming nauseating post in remembrance of Jazmine on May 1, 2019, the day after what should have been her first birthday, probably because he was too stoned to remember on the day of.

“Balling” his eyes out.
Kat and J.R. in May of 2019. (Facebook)
Kat and J.R. in May of 2019.

By that time, Kat had given birth to their third child, a baby I’ll call J.R.

Another significant event took place in May 2019, as well. Investigators finally received the results of Jazmine’s autopsy from the medical examiner. You are not prepared to hear about the injuries this child had endured. Go ahead and throw down a shot or two before you read this; I’ll wait.

The autopsy revealed that Jazmine suffered 96 total fractures throughout her tiny body. That’s almost 100 broken bones, guys. The kid was ten weeks old. I cannot even. The injuries included 71 rib fractures and 23 long bone fractures. The autopsy also revealed a cracked skull, bruises to Jazmine’s face and scalp, nine contusions to her torso, and trauma to her arms and legs. Her death was caused by blunt force trauma to the head.

Jason Robin’s booking photo.
(Harris County District Attorney)

Jason Paul Robin, Jr. was arrested on a felony charge of murder on Monday, June 24, after appearing in court. Evidently, he had already been on probation, which stemmed from an arrest on April 8, 2018 for a felony charge of evading arrest or detention with a vehicle. What a stand-up guy. I’m guessing the murder charge is a bit of a violation of the terms of his probation. Jason’s arrest warrant lists his date of birth as February 21, 1995, his height at 5’9″, and his weight at 205 lbs. The arrest affidavit indicates he committed the felony of injury to a child by striking Jazmine with a blunt object and thereby causing her death. The document states that Jazmine’s crying would anger Jason, and he shook her violently. “It is concluded that a minimum of two traumatic events resulted in 96 fractures,” the document states.

Katharine White’s booking photo.
(Harris County District Attorney)

Katharine Wyndham White, whose arrest warrant shows her date of birth as March 24, 1998, her height at 5’9″, and her weight at 195 pounds, was arrested on Tuesday, June 25 on a charge of injury to a child by omission. The report states that she “intentionally and knowingly by omission [caused] serious bodily injury” to her daughter and failed to protect her. Kat’s bond was initially set at $5,000 but was soon bumped up to $40,000.

Neither of these schmucks has an attorney, according to what the public defender’s office told CNN, and the Child Fatality Unit of the Harris County D.A.’s office said both defendants, if convicted, face the possibility of life in prison. In a statement, District Attorney Kim Ogg said, “The evidence shows that baby Jazmine fell victim to the very people who were supposed to protect her the most in this world. After a full and thorough investigation of the facts, we have filed charges and will seek justice for young Jazmine.”

The couple’s next court date is set for August 19 with the Honorable Abigail Anastasio presiding. I hope she’s the type of judge who has no time for bullshit and no patience for worthless wastes of human skin like Jason and Kat, and I wholeheartedly hope she throws not just the book, but the entire library at these two potheads who didn’t deserve to be the parents of one baby, let alone three.

Kat and Jason’s almost-three-year-old son was placed in foster care by Texas Child Protective Services (CPS). Their new baby, J.R., who is, as of this writing, right around the same age Jazmine was when her breeders allegedly murdered her, is being cared for by Jason’s parents, Jason Sr. and Myka Robin. The paternal grandparents gave the following statement to ABC13 Eyewitness News:

Jason Sr. and Myka Robin

“I really don’t know what to say except we told them they were toxic for each other; we tried to get them to split up. They both had violent tempers, but we never imagined this would happen. We lost a beautiful, strong angel who fought so hard to come home. We also lost a grandson to the system. I’m so very glad we got my granddaughter… who is loved and cherished every day.”

Kat’s grandmother, Virginia White, told KHOU 11 that she never even got a chance to meet Jazmine. “Katharine just worked all the time, and Jason never did,” she told the station. “And he was supposed to be watching the children.” (Exactly, Grandma. “Stay-at-home dad,” my left butt cheek.)

From online comments, it appears at least some of Kat’s family is supporting her, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Jason, whose own father made the following comments on a post on Jason’s page.

Damn, Dad. Don’t hold back!

I have nothing left to say. This one drained me. I’ll post updates as I find them. Click here for more of my coverage on Jazmine’s case.

Sleep with the angels, baby girl.

Sources: ABC13, Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Washington Post, CBS Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston Chronicle, KRIV,, CTV, Facebook


    • Based on the statement Jason Sr. and Myka gave (especially the part about losing their grandson to the system), it sounds like they happily would have taken him as well, but Texas CPS opted to put him in foster care instead, for whatever reason. I hope he ultimately ends up with his grandparents and sister. What a shock this all must be to the poor little guy.

      • I can tell you EXACTLY why the state of Texas, or any other state in the US, opts to put children in the foster care instead of letting the family take them. It’s because the state gets paid government funding for each and every single child they have in their custody. But if the family has the child or children, the state doesn’t MAKE money, it has to PAY THE FAMILY money, and other benefits that are state and federally funded. It makes me so sick!!! ! This is how I lost mine.

  1. Tiny little princess. Mind-boggling that anyone could hurt a baby. It’s a baby… and especially these two. She wasn’t just a baby she was your baby! I would’ve taken her. In a heartbeat. 😭💔 I’ve read several of these stories but haven’t felt the need to comment before… just freezes my insides to think of a newborn being treated this way.

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