Update: Bio Dad Seeking Custody of Zaiden Javonovich’s 4-Month-Old Brother

Zaiden Javonovich
(Photo: Donna Lloyd/Facebook)

How about some good news for a change?!

You may remember the case of little Zaiden Javonovich, whose life ended after two short years thanks to his abusive, neglectful shitheads parents, Patrick Javonovich (26) and Brandi Marchant (22).

While there is no silver lining to Zaiden’s tragically short story, the same, fortunately, cannot be said for his baby brother, Tai.

When police were summoned to Patrick and Brandi’s Wichita mobile home after a 911 call from a concerned neighbor, they discovered Zaiden’s lifeless body, bound by his own pajamas and covered in abrasions and contusions.

Sweet baby Tai

Police also found four-month-old Tai after hearing the baby “cooing” from beneath a pillow in his crib. Reportedly, Tai was small for his age — only eight pounds, roughly half what an average boy his age should weigh — and he could not control his head. He was extremely malnourished and suffered from multiple injuries, including a bruised ear, swollen jaw, and two healing rib fractures, all of which doctors determined to be caused by abuse in addition to the obvious neglect. He also had a severe diaper rash and a genital infection; the poor little guy!

Tai’s biological father, Julius Casura, recently spoke with Wichita’s KAKE Television. “I’m just really happy he’s doing so good,” Julius said. “He’s able to hold his food down, he’s reacting to lights and sound and people talking to him. He’s expected to make a full recovery.”

Look at this precious little dumpling face!

When Julius originally arrived at the hospital, things looked grim. “I was devastated,” Julius said. “I was worried; I was scared.”

Julius, who only recently found out he is Tai’s father after a paternity test, was unaware of the horrifying conditions in which the baby and his brother were living. “I had no clue. Regardless, if it was my son or not, if I was aware of any of that, I would’ve reported it. I would’ve done something. [Brandi] didn’t strike me as the kind of person that would do anything like this.”

(Maybe she gussied herself up when she saw Julius; that’s the only way I figure he could’ve missed the resemblance to Nosferatu.)

Seriously, you guys. No, I will not take it back.

Julius is now fighting for full custody of Tai, who was born with marijuana in his system. “I’ve gotten prayers left and right and it’s a blessing that, you know, I have this chance with him,” Julius told KAKE. “I love him dearly; his family loves him. He’s got a lot of love and I have an ungodly amount of support behind me.”

Julius had set up a GoFundMe to help pay Tai’s medical expenses, but, according to some great news he posted on the now-closed fundraiser page, he “was informed that the state is going to cover all the Hospital expenses.” Tai is expected to recover fully from the abuse and neglect meted out by his egg donor mother and her live-in dildo boyfriend. He’s a lucky little man to have a loving daddy in his life. Just look at this post from Julius’s Facebook page on May 30th.

Stop it. I’m literally going to cry. ❤️
(Juice Casura/Facebook)

From the public posts on Julius’s Facebook page, it appears Tai has several siblings, so he will definitely be surrounded with love. That makes me very happy (and that’s not something I can say on this blog very often). Best of luck to Julius with his new son!

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