Anthony Trice Allegedly Murdered His 1-Month-Old Son, De’Anthony, After Losing a Video Game

Anthony Trice, baby murderer
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Soak it in, folks. The alleged human being pictured in the snazzy orange jumpsuit, Anthony Trice of Louisville, Kentucky, stands accused of murdering his precious, infinitely vulnerable one-month-old son, De’Anthony Trice, by beating the infant with his fist after losing a video game.

No, I’m not kidding. I wish I was.

When 26-year-old Trice lost the game on the evening of May 3rd, 2019, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department, he threw his controller before turning his anger on his son, hauling off and punching the baby in the head.

HOW. WHO DOES THIS. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. *ahem* Sorry. I can’t promise my language will remain clean while reporting a story like this. My blood pressure is already through the roof.

There’s a special place in hell for anyone who could even think about raising a fist anywhere near this little face.
Anthropomorphic sack of dog feces, Anthony Trice

According to police, after sucker-punching his helpless infant son, Trice held him in an attempt to soothe him before heading toward the kitchen to make De’Anthony a bottle. Along the way, he managed to drop his son — seriously?! He then returned to the bedroom with the baby, where he propped De’Anthony in a seated position with a blanket and stuffed a bottle in his mouth. After a quick potty break, Trice returned to the bedroom and noticed the baby was “distressed.”

Uh, yeah… I would imagine he would be after being punched in the head by his father.

At this point, Trice called 911, as well as the baby’s 22-year-old mother, Ronisha Tunstill. The boy was rushed to Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, where, on the evening of Sunday, May 5th, De’Anthony died after fighting for his life for two days.

De’Anthony in the hospital during his last hours on earth. Here, just rip my heart out of my chest. I don’t need it.
Maternal grandmother Tonjia Michelle

De’Anthony’s maternal grandmother, Tonjia Michelle, has created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the baby’s funeral costs. Click here to donate. “I’m mad,” Michelle told WLKY. “I wouldn’t have ever thought this would happen to our family.”

De’Anthony’s aunt, Ronika Tunstill, told WLKY that De’Anthony’s mother had left him in his father’s care so the two sisters could go out for the Kentucky Derby weekend. According to Tunstill, Trice seemed excited about buying new clothes for the baby. “We were talking about the clothes that he got and what he was about to get him and stuff,” Tunstill said. “Everything was fine, like, they weren’t arguing. My sister and her boyfriend weren’t arguing or none of that.”

Beautiful young mommy, Ronisha Tunstill

On Saturday, before De’Anthony’s death, Trice was charged with first-degree criminal abuse of a child, but the charges have since been upgraded to murder. On Monday, Trice pleaded not guilty to the charges, and his bond was increased to $1 million cash.

On Tonjia Michelle’s Facebook page, she has made several heartbreaking posts about the tragedy, along with photos of De’Anthony — whose nickname was, adorably, Fat Man — taken during his short life. “I will always love you forever!!!” reads one post accompanying a picture depicting Jesus Christ holding a photo of De’Anthony. “We going to get thru this!!!” reads another. Along with a link to a article about Trice’s bond being set at $1 million, the bereaved grandmother comments angrily, “I HOPE YOU SUFFER BITCH!!! YOU DID THIS TO MY GRANDSON!!! FUCK YOU!!!!”

In case your heart isn’t already shattered, DeAnthony’s mother, Ronisha, posted both of the following on Facebook on May 6th.

This poor woman’s pain is unfathomable. My heart goes out to her.

I’m going to end this post with some photos of DeAnthony, most of which can be found on his grandma’s Facebook page. Since his life ended after one short month, there aren’t many, but the photos that do exist show how deeply loved this sweet boy truly was.

Rest in peace, De’Anthony.

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